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Ayurvedic Treatment For Paralysis

Ayurvedic Treatment For Paralysis


Ayurveda is an approach that involves the treatment using the essential oils and the naturally occurring herbs and the diet followed with naturally grown fruits and vegetables. So basically ayurveda comes to an approach that involves the cure without any side effects as it happens in the case of some of the drugs. Ayurveda has a perfect solution to cure paralysis that is a bit slow process but if done in a proper way, may cure the person permanently without any side effects.

Ayurvedic Treatment For Paralysis

Ayurvedic Treatment For Paralysis

There may be two cases of paralysis associated with the person, one is the partial paralysis and the other is complete paralysis. The partial paralysis occurs in one or two parts of the body while the complete paralysis makes the full body of the individual to be inactive and the complete loss of the muscle functioning occurs to the person.

The body of the person is paralysed when there is a complete loss of the muscles function for one or more group. This is caused generally because of the damage caused to the nervous system.

The minor paralysis can be cured easily but the full or complete paralysis needs much attention and treatment follows a big procedure and takes much time and in some cases treatment becomes impossible.

Ayurveda includes the diet control and some essential oils along with some beneficial herbs to be used for the treatment of paralysis. The individual suffering from the disease is made to eat the freshly cooked food and to avoid anything bitter in taste and pungent in smell or like an astringent in nature.

A strictly managed diet plan is followed with no space for millets or barley or rye in it and certain dry fruits like figs or the apples or the pears need to be eliminated from the diet of the patient who is paralysed.

Pomegranates are even not advisable to be eaten by the patient and   the patient can have a diet of white meat including the poultry meat or the fish meat in his diet but should restrict the usage of red meat in his diet like the meat of beef or pork or mutton in his diet.

Ashwagandha or the winter cherry might be used as the treatment medicine to the patient and bala ( country mallow herb ) is a herb that is made to be consumed as a medicine to the patient.

Certain essential oils might be used to massage in the region affected and the nasal drops extracted from the special herbs might also be used in the ayurvedic treatment.

Though ayurvedic treatment is the treatment with no side effects still it takes time and that should be kept in mind to be patient while the herbs and the natural oils show their effect on the patient along with the controlled diet that follows.


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