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6 Best Ayurvedic Home Remedies for Anemia

Home Remedies for Anemia


If you ask me the one line solution for anemia, I will recommend you a dose of iron. This does not means that you reach the nearest thing made of iron and try to bite it. Well, it can make you suffer teeth loss as the deficiency of iron does not means you try to eat iron, but this should be taken from the food items that you take in daily life. Talking about anemia, it is a deficiency of iron and even the treatment resides in the definition only. In case you are experiencing anemia in your case, you may choose to go for the home remedies we are mentioning here.

6 Best Ayurvedic Home Remedies for Anemia Treatment

Ayurvedic Home Remedies for Anemia

1. Two Apples A Day Keeps Anemia Away:-

People say that an apple a day keeps the doctor away, but I will rather say that two apples a day keep anemia away as apples are a rich source of iron and the daily requirement of iron in body gets replenished if you eat two apples a day.

2. Beetroot Juice Added With Honey:-

The juice from beetroot can be obtained by juicing it up in a vegetable juicer and then the juice can be added with some honey so as to consume this blend of honey and beetroot on daily basis. This proves to be an awesome remedy against anemia as both beetroot and honey have got a suitable portion of iron in them.

3. Make Usage of Dandelion Root Extract and Yellow Dock Root Extract:-

The juice can be extracted from dandelion roots and yellow dock roots so as to consume it daily to get rid of the iron deficiency. Both roots can be easily found in any plant based nursery and are rather cheap as well. You can grow the dandelion and yellow dock at your home if you have got some space available so as to keep consuming this juice potion regularly.

4. Eat Bananas to Fulfill the Iron Needs of Body:-

Bananas have been found to contain a suitable amount of iron in them and thus we recommend you a regular intake of this fruit to get rid of anemia. Bananas are rather rich in proteins and other nutrients as well that make it an awesome fruit to be consumed on daily basis.

5. Consume Tomatoes, Amla and Figs:-

Tomatoes are a rich source of Vitamin-C and a rich source of iron as well. The amla also is rich in iron content and the figs are also having the content of iron in it. You may choose to any of these in your diet as all the three are proven to relieve you against anemia.

6. Learn Popeye’s Mantra for Anemia:-

If you were born in the early 90’s you must have watched the Popeye cartoon who always kept on munching spinach to fight the villains and each villain got smacked down in just a single punch after he got his dose of spinach. It is not a myth, but spinach can really make you strong and help you build muscles as well. Spinach purifies the blood and relieves you from diseases like anemia as there is an abundance of iron in it.


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