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6 Awesome Ways To Flirt With Girls

How To Flirt With Girls


To flirt with a girl is not easy all the times. It is 21st century my friend, and girls have beauty with brain nowadays. In order to impress a girl, even you need to have some brain and start flirting her like you love her badly. She should feel like you are the only guy who can love her and you can love her like anything. In this article, we are up with some ways in which you can flirt with the girl you like in a way to make her feel attracted towards you and these are as follows:-

6 Awesome Ways To Flirt With Girls

6 Awesome Ways To Flirt With Girls

1. Increase Online Interaction:-

First of all, you should increase your social interaction with her. Start getting in touch online with her, pass her comments let her feel you are crazy about her. Never be desperate with her, but if you feel you can’t comment her publicly, with every profile picture she uploads, you can send her a picture of bunch of roses and when she asks why the roses have been sent to her, just reply that these are for the girl you really find beautiful every time you see.

2. Pass Compliments:-

Never leave a chance of passing complements to her. Whenever she talks about the bad habits of other boys, just tell her that it can’t happen in your case as you have the most beautiful girl of this world in your life and it is her. But remember, the compliments should not exceed a limit.

3. Keep On Teasing:-

Passing only the complements can make her feel too much proud and she can get full with ego and attitude. One time when you pass her a compliment, the other time you should start teasing her on something. This makes her think more about you.

4. Get Dirty Sometimes:-

Crack her non-veg joke all of a sudden or tell her how much you like her figure. You can even say that if she would have been in your life, you could just keep on carrying her in your lap all the time or you can pass on some other compliment like you really like her lips or even some other complement that makes her think you are sexually attracted towards her.

5. She Is The Boss:-

Make her feel like she is a princess and you are her slave. Never argue with her just say “yes mam, anything for you” there would come a time when she will ask you, why do you obey all what she says without putting even a single question? Then you just have to answer that you really like her and take her as your princess. She will get impressed.

6. Kiss Affectionately:-

Never leave any chance to hug her. Whenever she is feeling alone or she is crying because of something just hug her and tell her that you are always there for her and whenever she starts responding positively, take her in your arms and start kissing her. Kiss her passionately like she is the one you always longed for and she will really get yours like this.


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