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How To Avoid Teenage Pregnancy

How To Avoid Teenage Pregnancy


Teenage refers to the age when your age number has “teen” added to its spelling, for example, numbers from thirteen to nineteen have “Teen” added after them and if you are in such an age, you would be called a teenager. Most of the guys and girls in this age are aware that they have a private part which can be bought in use to make sex and produce young ones, but many of them are unaware about the hazards that it can make to them. Teenage pregnancy is one of those frightening reality that can change your life within an instant. In order to avoid teenage pregnancy, you can follow these steps:-

How To Avoid Teenage Pregnancy

How To Avoid Teenage Pregnancy

1. Have Some Limits:-

First of all make yourself aware about what pregnancy is and how you can become pregnant. Now decide your boundaries and take a pledge that you won’t cross these boundaries at any cost. These boundaries will include all the ways that are supposed to make you pregnant and take a pledge that you won’t let anyone cross these boundaries at any cost.

2. Learn When To Say No:-

Even if you make a boyfriend, you should know when you need to say no to him. You can obviously go for a foreplay, but no sex at all. If your partner is genuine and not fake, he will surely stay with you in this resolution of yours and he won’t force you to make sex with him.

3. Use Protection:-

Even if you feel horny and you wish to make sex with your partner, you should at least stay away from doing that in your period days and even if you do it, you should both use a protection like that of condoms. This is a rubber sheath that prevents human semen from getting inside your private part and also from making you fertilized as well.

4. Be Aware About It Completely:-

You should be aware about the process of pregnancy completely. Just keep away from getting fertilized and seek counselling if you feel a need for it. Never take anything like cold drinks or drugs or wine/alcohol etc. when you go out for late night parties as someone might have mixed drug in that. Be smart enough to save your life against drugging sex addicts.

5. Go For Birth Control Pills When Needed:-

Besides this, even if protection did not work for you, immediately go for birth control pills, purchasing them from a medical store and adding them to your diet. Also, do not forget to go for a pregnancy test and go for an abortion if the result is positive as nothing can be done in later stage of pregnancy except killing the fetus.

6. Beware of The Consequences:-

The best way to stay away from getting pregnant is to make yourself aware of the consequences that it can result in. if you still meet an offward situation, have a meeting with your doctor and ask him what can be done. Follow protective and preventive measures and stay away from making sex as much as you can till marriage.


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