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6 Ways to Attract a Girl Without Talking to Her

how to attract a girl without even talking to her


Often when we come in contact with a girl who is attractive enough for us, we fall a prey to infatuation with her. In such a state we wish to talk with her, but most of the times we find ourselves unable to do so. Some guys are often seen even shivering or stammering before a girl in such cases. In order to gain attention of such girl, it is never a compulsory fact that you should go and talk with her, but instead you can grab her attention even without talking with her at all. Here are some ways in which you can do this:-

6 Ways to Attract a Girl Without Talking Her

How to Attract a Girl Without Talking to Her

1. Right Look, Attire and Body Language:-

Girls are attracted mostly by your chest hairs or by your looks, attire and body language. In order to attract a girl without speaking, you should first of all consider all these factors. Just work on your dressing sense, adopt changes in your wardrobe and workout not just on your body but looks as well.

2. Be Helping and Kind enough:-

If a girl watches you arguing with someone or abusing someone or fighting with someone, she is sure to take a negative impact of your image from that impression. As it is said that first impression is the last impression, it will spoil your image in front of her and instead of impressing her, you will make her depressed with her act. I would advise you to stay kind and adopt a helping nature instead to impress that girl by creating a good impression in her mind about your image.

3. Be Seen and Felt:-

Make your presence felt by staying around her. Don’t get too close, but still stay around in such a way that distance amongst you both is not large enough. Let her notice your looks, your qualities and nature maintaining this safe distance and she will soon approach you for sure.

4. Define Your Personality and Posture:-

Your personality and posture also mean a lot when we are talking about impressing a girl. The way you stand, the way you walk and the way you talk are noticed by each and every girl, even if she is not related to you as these are the traits of one’s personality. Define your personality and posture and she will keep noticing you.

5. Let Her Have a Look first:-

Never let her get a clue that you are interested in her during your initial days. Let her have a look at you first and let her notice your features. Once she notices you, you can also pretend like you noticed her and you like one of her features by just passing a smile or making an eye contact.

6.  Smile and Eye Contact:-

The countdown of passing smiles and making an eye contact should be kept continued. The more you both get lost in each others eyes, the more will she think that you both are compatible and she is sure to get attracted this way.


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