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How Does Athletics Affects Academics

How Does Athletics Affects Academics


Athletics and academics both have an inexplicable relationship with each other. If you can concentrate on your academic career as well as athletics career both at the same time, you can really be an all-rounder. Sports of athletics is one of the key term bought into use when we refer to the sport of running, jumping or throwing and race-walking. This can also include the cross-country tournaments as well as national tournaments or local tournaments.  Athletics is basically a game based on physical competition and when we are trying to concentrate one, the other gets affected. Effects of athletics on academics can be explained as follows:-

How Does Athletics Affects Academics

How Does Athletics Affects Academics

1. You Start Missing Classes:-

Athletics demands practice sessions and participation sessions. Both these take enough time and dedication from your side which makes you starts missing academic classes. Once you start missing such classes, you are not able to move step by step with the rest of the class and thus your entire study schedule gets affected.

2. Some Lectures are really important:-

Some lectures are really important. I was one of the best players of my school during the school time, but unfortunately I had missed the lectures of integration and calculus in 11th standard. It affected my entire life as most of the part of our was based on these two chapters only. When any person is involved in athletics, he is much likely to miss such chapters and when such chapters get missed, you get one step back from the rest of the class.

3. You Find Problems with Time Management:-

Most of the athletes find them difficult to cope up with time management. The teachers ask them to join the class as something important is going on in the lecture, but they have to move out in order to go for a trial. Such a student finds himself stuck between both, his teacher and coach and thus he finds it impossible sometimes to manage time.

4. You Don’t Have Enough Material for Studies:-

Most of the teachers prefer making and giving notes only to those students who attend their classes regularly. They also keep on distributing free specimen copies that they get from publishers to the students in need and they also keep on marking important questions in your notebook if you are properly attending the classes. You stay at a drawback when you are not attending the classes as you are not able to get benefited like the rest of students this way.

5. There Is an External Pressure on you:-

An external pressure always acts on you when you are in athletics as well as academics. One side you are forced to bring prize for your coach/team by winning the tournaments and other side you are supposed to show good results in exams. It is a universal fact that the one who rides two boats at the same time will always fall in the midstream and thus this pressure acts like a barrier in your academic path.

6. Affects Your Grades and Assessment:-

Athletics is all physical and thus you are less likely to suffer in that field if you are taking keen participation in it, but because of the same participation, your academic career is likely to get affected as it affects your grades and assessment. Most of the schools and colleges these days follow an assessment program in which a suitable percentage of marks in exams are allotted to a particular student only on the basis of his/her attendance in the class.


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