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Asthma Definition – What is Asthma

Asthma Definition – What is Asthma


Asthma can be understood as a common inflammatory disease that involves difficulty in breathing by the blockage of airways and involves the air flow to be obstructed that is followed with the symptoms like wheezing, coughing, chest tightness, and even the shortness of breath. This disease can even make you die out of shortage of breathing air and thus people need to be aware about it in order to know what to be done in case there is someone affected with this disease near you.

Asthma Definition - What is Asthma

Asthma Definition – What is Asthma

Causes of Asthma:-

The causes behind the disease of asthma may include genetic as well as environmental factors. Though there is no solid cure for asthma but still we can bring about a sort of relief to the person if we get familiar with the causes that make we go through it so as to take preventive measures.
The cause of asthma may also be due to the pollution that is prevalent in air around you or due to the allergens, including dust mites, cockroaches, as well as the infects and other environment chemicals as well. Low quality of air that is rich in the pollutants emitted by the vehicles as well as carbon based pollutants generated by the burning of fuels may add to the severity of this disease.

Signs and Symptoms:-

The signs and symptoms of asthma may include a feeling of wheezing or shortness of breath or tightness in chest or even coughing. The attacks of asthma may include difficulty in breathing due to blockage of airways and these symptoms get worse at nights and sometimes even early in the morning. There may be a breathlessness reported in the case of that individual and even tightness in the chest and even coughing.

Prevention and Treatment Approaches:-

In order to prevent asthma from happening to you, you are advised to take a proper diet and reduce your exposure to these allergens. You should reach the nearest health care provider to go for an immediate diagnosis if you still feel the symptoms to be reported in your case. If you experience feeling of wheezing, you can also choose to consult your doctor about the things that you need to bring in practice to get relieved from the symptoms shown in your case. The necessary medications should be done and doctor might even recommend you an inhaler to be kept with you so as to avoid any attack of asthma. Keeping an inhaler with you will make you be able to breathe properly in case there is some blockage of airways.

If you are a cigarette smoker, you should stop doing that and eliminate the allergens if any in your environment and last but not the least stay in touch with your doctor so as to seek for counseling time to time so as to avoid any harm to yourself. Keep an extra inhaler in the drawer so as to go for emergency purposes and try to avoid the allergens as much as you can.


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