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How to Assign IP Address in Window 7, 8, 10, XP, Vista

How to Assign I.P Address


An Internet Protocol Address (IP address) is a numerical label assigned to each device i.e. a computer, printer etc. which participates in a computer network. This is also assigned while networking a CCTV. Actually an IP address is assigned to every device that used the internet protocol for its functioning or communication. It serves as both, the host or network interface identification and location addressing. The perfect method to assign an IP address is not a complicated one, instead it stays simple following the simple steps described here.

How to Assign IP Address in Window 7, 8, 10, XP, Vista

Assign IP Address in Window 7, 8, 10, XP, Vista

1. A Single IP Address for All Devices in Your Home:-

All the devices in your home network should share a single I.P address. This can be done easily by organizing your home network. Actually, when you boot a device and it is given a specific I.P address, it becomes quite irksome to reach each device to find their IP address separately to go for troubleshooting options and thus a single I.P address for all home devices is a better idea.

2. Assigning the IP Address for Windows-7, Windows 8, Windows 10 and windows XP:-

In order to assign an IP address to anyone amongst these Window versions, you will simply need to reach the network and sharing option.

  • For this purpose, first of all simply click the start button provided at the down portion of your desktop and then type “network and sharing” in its search field.
  • In network and sharing center, click on change adapter settings option. Right click on your local adapter and select the properties option provided in the last option of this submenu that you get on your screen after making the right click.
  • In LAN connection properties, select the internet protocol version. Click the properties button now.
  • Select the “Use following IP address” option and enter the correct IP into it. You will also need to specify the correct gateway as well. Enter your preferred and alternate DNS server addresses now.
  • Check the validate settings checkbox now. Click the Ok button after you get finished.
  • If you are using windows XP, you should reach My Network Places option in order to do the same and make a right click on its icon. Properties option gets displayed in the sub menu that follows. The changes that we have to make stay the same as we performed in the case of rest window versions.

3. Assigning The I.P Address In Windows Vista: –

In windows Vista, the procedure is slightly different and thus we are explaining it separately.

  • Open the start menu and reach network option. Make a right-click with your mouse and click properties option from the sub-menu.
  • Network and sharing center appear on your computer screen. Click manage network connection option now. Right click on the specific network adapter’s name to assign it an I.P address.
  • Select the internet protocol version like we described earlier for the upper described Window versions.
  • Now change the IP address in the same way as we described for the upper window versions and click the Ok button.
  • Check the effect of changes made using command prompt.


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