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How to Artificially Inseminate Women

How to Artificially Inseminate Women


Artificial insemination refers to the deliberate introduction of sperms into the uterus or cervix part of a female’s body. This is done with the intentions of making her get pregnant not through sexual intercourse, but through a fertility treatment similar as artificial animal breeding practices performed these days. To get pregnant is the most joyous and happy part of a women’s life. It is like a boon for her and through Artificial insemination, this gets possible. Let me make you understand how.

How to Artificially Inseminate Women

How to Artificially Inseminate Women

1. Understanding the Female Reproductive System:-

Just like the males have their sex organ, women also have their sex organ. The cervix is a part of uterus in women. This is included as a part of the female reproductive system. Cervix leads to cervical canal which connects the interiors of the uterus and vagina. When a woman is fertilized by male sperms, the same parts of women’s body undergo the process of fertilization.

2. Collecting the Sperms to be injected:-

I told you in the introduction that during this process, the cervix part of women’s reproductive system is introduced to sperms. These sperms are collected from the semen. This semen is mostly donated by a sperm donor. There are sperm banks available with infertility clinics where one can reach and donate sperms. The same place makes artificial insemination possible as the sperms injected in a female cervix are collected from the semen stored in such sperm banks only. The semen bought in use for artificial insemination is either fresh or stored frozen sperm.

3. The Sperms are supplied:-

When you reach an infertility clinic, they ask the sperm bank to supply fresh sperms to them. The sperm bank supplied the donated sperms to the infertility clinic and if these are in a frozen condition, the professional will first thaw them before use and when an ovum is released, the semen will be introduced in a women’s vagina, uterus or cervix part of the uterus.

4. Types of Artificial Insemination:-

The process of artificial insemination may differ slightly from one type to the other. I.e. in intracervical insemination, the injection of raw semen is injected into your cervix with an injection without needle and then a cervical cap is fitted. Which is a kind of conception device that prevents the semen from coming out and thus makes you fertilized.

In case of intrauterine insemination, an injection of washed sperms is brought into use. There are many other such artificial insemination approaches like Intrauterine tuboperitoneal insemination, Intratubal insemination etc. which may have slight value of difference if compared to the above mentioned ones.

5. Point of Similarity:-

The main approach in all these ways of performing artificial insemination is to make women fertilized with an artificial or donated sperm. The women get fertilized and the name of the donor is kept confidential. Once she gets fertilized, she is able to give birth to a baby and soon she becomes a mother. The donor can never claim over the child as neither he is told to the beneficiary lady and nor the beneficiary lady comes to know about the donor’s name.

There are laws in every country based on this approach and one should first inquire about the laws concerned with this approach before getting thinking about applying it in their life or on their partner/themselves.


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