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6 Ways to Make Artificial Flower Arrangements

how to make artificial flower arrangements for special occasion


Real flowers dry out after a certain period of time and thus they look beautiful only when they are on a plant. Daily millions of flowers are trimmed and chopped off from plants in order to serve for decoration purposes in marriage and birthday party decorations, but if we switch to artificial flowers instead of real flowers, it does not spoil the beauty of any plant and these do not dry out thus making them usable again and again preventing the deterioration of natural resources.

how to make artificial flower arrangements for special occasion

How to Make Artificial Flower Arrangements

Artificial flower arrangement is simply the best option if you wish to decorate your house or a party place because of such reason and if you wish to adopt this method of decoration, you can follow these simple tips:-

1. Choose A Particular Theme Or Color:-

First of all, choose a theme for your occasion/party. The colors of flowers can be chosen according to this theme only. If you are planning, decorations for Valentine’s Day, red, white and pink roses will be perfect. For marriage decorations, you can use artificial red roses for decorating the bride’s car and you can use lilies to decorate the stage. The other places can be made multi-color with various artificial flowers positioned in such places.

2. Begin Arranging the Flowers:-

Take the flowers in your hand and begin arranging them in a perfect manner by first placing the larger ones near the base of the group and then shape up the entire structure positioning flowers according to their height placing smaller ones in front and large ones at the back.

3. Consider the Height and Shape:-

If you have to decorate a full hall, you should first separate all the flowers according to their size, color, height and shape. Now you can make bouquets of these flowers in order to make decorations with them. The taller lilac stems can be arranged at the top and back portion of each of these bouquets.

4. Make Vases and Place Them on Tables:-

Either make cardboard vases for this purpose or purchase ready made vases for this purpose. Bind the stems and flowers in each of these vases respective of their height, shape and color and then place each of the vases on tables in your place of celebration. The stage decorations can also be made like wisely.

5. Attaching Leaves, Buds And Stems wherever needed:-

In order to give a realistic feel to your decoration, you can attach leaves, buds, stems and plastic seeds or grass wherever needed. The leaves serve to be a part of greenery which looks great with your artificial flowers. You can also take empty useless glasses covered with tissue paper in order to place artificial flowers in them if you have a low budget and special vases can’t be purchased. Empty glasses serve to be the best option in such cases.

6. Use Floral Foam:-

At such places where a vase can’t be placed, you can use floral strips or floral foam in order to affix artificial flowers. A touch of roses, lilies and other such flowers serves to be the best option for such parties. It is better to use roses if the celebration is of some party like Valentine’s Day or some marriage ceremony.


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