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How to Argue Effectively with Anyone

how to argue effectively with anyone


To argue refers to the way or giving multiple reasons for a statement from someone or by citing evidences in support of an idea, action or theory. This is generally done with intentions to persuade the speaking person, or in order to suppress the voice of the other person. Generally this arises a conflict as it generates two opposite kinds of views which often results in a fight or a clash. Though it is not mandatory that an argue always results in a clash and instead to be able to argue is one of the prominent features that a good debater should have in himself. In order to argue effectively with someone, you can add these tips to your life:-

how to argue effectively with anyone

How to Argue Effectively with Anyone

1. Keep the Evidences:-

In order to argue effectively with someone, you should keep the evidences ready in advance. In order to cite the evidences on a particular topic, research and inspection prove to be your best friends. Whenever you are to argue with someone, first be ready with the evidences so that you may be able to support your voice.

2. Facts And Figures:-

Facts and figures can also be your friend when you wish to argue with someone. Suppose if I am to speak about the topic “Water and life because of water”. I would be able to support my voice in a better way, if I know all the facts related to this topic such as the amount of water present on the earth, the amount of water fit for drinking, the amount of water present in the sea etc.  These facts and figures can be bought into use easily to support your voice.

3. Eye Contact and Influencing Voice:-

While arguing with someone, an eye contact proves to be the main victory deciding factor. If your eye contact is strong enough and voice is equally influencing, the person standing in opposition will lose half battle even without the declaration of results.

4. Never Insult the Other Person:-

While citing the evidences or facts and figures in order to prove your voice, you should never try to insult the other person. Your voice should be calm, low and polite when you speak to the other person. All that you speak should be relevant and it should never be abusive. Your approach should be convincing rather than being defensive or offensive.

5. Listen and Then Speak:-

A good speaker is also a good listener they say and thus in order to argue effectively, you should be a good listener first. When you listen to the other person carefully, you are also able to cut his points as well. A good listener gets enough time to use facts and figures available with him in order to argue with the other speaker.

6. Be More Reasonable And Less Logical:-

When two people argue with each other, the one using more logics and less reasons/proven facts always loses the battle if another one is using more reason and proven facts instead of logic. When you research on a particular topic, look for the proven facts/universal truth more and look less for logics/unproven facts.


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