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4 Steps to Applying for Australian Citizenship

Applying for Australian Citizenship


Citizenship can be regarded as the status of a person recognized under the law being a member of the particular country and if the person is not having a citizenship, he or she is said not to be a citizen of that country. If you want to be regarded as the citizen of Australia, you will have to take the citizenship of that country which follows a simple approach of filling an application to get citizenship of Australia from the Australian government following all the requisite approaches to do so and agreeing and fulfilling all the conditions imposed by the Australian government for this purpose. Here in this article thus we have come with all the steps that you need to follow in order to get citizenship of Australia.

Applying for Australian Citizenship

How to Applying for Australian Citizenship

1. If You Are An Australian:-

If you are an Australian, You will get the Australian Citizenship automatically as your parents have lived here in Australia and it is clear that you are a resident of Australia thus you need not go for the citizenship procedure and all the documents, cards etc. will be issued according to your parental details by following the normal procedures but if you are a non-resident of Australia and have migrated from some other country, you will need to fill a form to get Australian citizenship attaching all your documents and attest it and get it verified to get the citizenship of Australia.

2. Eligibility Criteria:-

First of all, You should have a permanent Visa in order to get the Australian citizenship, secondly you should be staying for at least past 1 year in the particular country and should have a permanent proof of residency in Australia and if it is not made yet, you can get it made from the respective office. If you are living in Australia with a permanent Australian Visa for four past years, you are eligible to apply for the citizenship.

3. Australian Citizenship Test:-

You should be between 18-60 years of age in order to apply for the Australian citizenship and you may need to pass an Australian citizenship test for it. You should know Australian values as well as English language in order to clear this test. There are 20 MCQ’S in this test preparing from what you have to study from a booklet.

4. After Making All the Fulfillments:-

After you have made all the fulfillments desired for Australian citizenship, you will be associated a citizenship card and you will be able to move freely in and out of the country. When You get a permanent resident card, You can vote in the elections and make all the desired works, that an Australian can make.


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