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How to Apply Window Tint Film to your Car

How to Tint Glass Window


These days there is a craze seen with people, to have their windows tinted. Even car drivers prefer to get tinted glasses positioned in their cars. They offer you options for additional privacy and protection from blazing heat of the sun. Some often seek something to safeguard themselves against the harmful effect of ultraviolet rays and thus tinted glass windows are a better option for such people. In order to make a glass window tinted, you can follow these simple steps:-

How to Apply Window Tint Film to your Car

How to Apply Window Tint Film to your Car

1. Look about the Laws of Your Area:-

If I talk about car glass related laws in my area, here the government has completely banned cars with black film or black coating over their glass as it invites cases of rapes and kidnapping. The laws of your country/region may differ from the laws of other regions and thus in order to tint glass window you should first look about the laws of your area regarding this purpose and then only you should go for the further approaches.

2. Do Not Get the Dark Tinted Windows If You Live In India:-

If you are from India and Particularly Delhi, the cars with Black or dark tinted windows are not allowed here. Police always keep on launching campaigns to remove black film from cars and some of the cars with permanent black tint are permanently abolished or blocked from entering in some particular states. Instead, you can look for the window net or the other tinting approaches which do not make the glass perfectly dark.

3. Decide the Desired Window Tint:-

If glass tinting is legal and permitted in your area, you can begin by deciding the type of desired window tint first. You can choose any of the tints including metallic, reflective or even mirrored tint. The choice always varies from person to person and thus we are not mentioning the name of any particular tint here.

4. Coating Tint to Coat Your Car with Tint:-

Coating tint means a tint which includes the tint mixture to be coated on glass. This is not a permanent approach and instead it is performed after purchasing a car. In most of the cases, this tint is removable and is not permanent, but some coating based tints are also supposed to spoil the glass if you try to remove them afterwards.

5. OEM Tint As A permanent Effect:-

OEM tint is tinted within the glass and is included/implanted within the glass portion as part of the actual glass making process. It lasts throughout the entire life of your glass and if you wish to keep your car with tinted glass for lifetime, you can choose OEM tinted glasses for your car.

6. Film Tinting as the Best Temporary Tint:-

Film Tinting is one of the easiest and cheapest ways of tinting a car glass. This includes you to purchase a tint film first. Tint film can be of any texture or color depending on your personal choice. In this approach, a film of the desired size is pasted on each glass and you can remove the film whenever you wish to remove the glass tint. These glass tint films are available with every car sticker /number plate making shop these days.


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