When to Apply Moisturizer on Your Face

When to Apply Moisturizer?


A moisturizer is simply a cream that helps you to keep your skin moist and prevents it from getting dry. When it is winter season, the skin is likely to experience dryness and with a slight scratch of a nail, it is likely to meet a scratchy white look which is why you need a moisturizer. A moisturizer serves for various skin related purposes including prevention of various skin related disorders as well and some of those purposes have been mentioned by us here in this article.

When to Apply Moisturizer on Your Face

When to Apply Moisturizer on Your Face?

1. To prevent your Skin from the Dryness of winters:-

The first and foremost application of a moisturizer is that it makes you able to prevent your skin from the dryness that winter causes. If you make a scratch to your skin, a white mark would be left behind which is a mark of winter’s dryness caused to your skin and this can be tackled making use of some good moisturizing lotion over the skin.

2. To Prevent the Condition of Flaking Skin:-

Sometimes it appears that there are a kind of flakes occurring over the skin. This means that the skin is losing its moisture holding capacity and in such cases the usage of a good quality moisturizer is advised by the dermatologists so as to make your skin as good as earlier.

3. To Make Your Skin Gain Some Hydration:-

In winters, the skin often loses its hydration and because of it, the skin gets dry and in order to make it hydrated once again and to overcome the side effects of winters, the usage of some good moisturizing lotion is advised.

4. To Make Your Skin Get A Bit Soften:-

In a survey conducted amongst the women who were using skin moisturizing lotions and the ones who were not using any such cream formulation, it was seen that the women who were not using any kind of moisturizer with their skins had a harsh kind of skin while the ones who used moisturizer with their skin had a bit softer skin than the rest.

5. When You Feel Like The Skin Has Met Some Problem:-

In case you feel like the skin has met some problem and that needs to be cured, simply go for the application of moisturizer as 65% of the total skin based dryness problems occur due to the lack of moisturization or either due to the presence of excess oils in the skin.

6. When It Feels Like You Wish To Itch Your Skin:-

It is a problem with some people that they wish to itch their skin sometimes. In such cases, to go for the application of moisturizer is simply the best idea as the moisturizer will provide a soothing feel against the itching problem and besides it the skin also would get hydrated.


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