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6 Best Way to Apply Moisturizer for Oily Skin

How to Moisturize Oily Skin


Oily skin is always prone to skin problems like pimples, blackheads and other such skin problems. You need to take a great care of your oily skin while moisturizing it else it gets clogged with dust particles and dead cells much easily. This invites additional skin problems and soon you get fed up of your moisturizer or your oily skin. The time is not to blame yourself or your moisturizer but instead you should follow the following tips to deal with your oily skin while moisturizing in order to have favorable results:-

6 Best Way to Apply Moisturizer for Oily Skin

How to Apply Moisturizer for Oily Skin

1. Exfoliate Your Dead Skin before Moisturizing:-

According to Mrs. Swati Dhull. If you exfoliate your skin daily, the oiliness of your skin won’t be able to make any damage at all. You should exfoliate your skin prior from moisturizing daily in order to moisturize your oily skin. The cosmetic products that you choose from a medical/cosmetic store should also be taken for oily skin. Many of cosmetic products these days have a special pack for oily skin as well.

2. Use Oil Free Moisturizer and Other Cosmetics:-

The moisturizer that you use should also be oil free just like the other cosmetics that you use. Actually, the buildup of this oily thing makes the skin start attracting the dirt, pollution and dead cells. When your skin starts attracting such things, you become prone to skin diseases as well.

3. Use A Cleanser First:-

Before moisturizing, you can bring a cleanser in use to clean your skin. This helps you to remove out the dead cells, dirt and other such substances which make your skin pores clogged. You can use lemon juice or a slice of lemon as a natural cleanser against oily skin.

4. Face Wash and Then Moisturization:-

There is an oily skin face wash available in the market. This oily skin face wash has been launched by many cosmetic based companies and it really proves fruitful if you wash your face daily with it. Simply take enough of the face wash gel on your palm and massage your wet face with it. Sprinkle water and rinse your face afterwards. This process should be repeated every time when you come home from outside traffic. You can perform this step even before moisturizing your skin.

5. Hot Shower against Skin Oils:-

In a study, it has been notices that hot water makes us get rid of skin oils much easier than the cold water. You should take shower in hot water to get rid of excess skin oils and then only you should perform the moisturization of your skin. This prevents the dirt and dead cells from clogging your skin and your skin stays healthier for a long time.

6. Face Masks and Face Packs:-

Face masks and face packs can also prove advantageous in this direction. When you apply a face pack on your skin, it keeps your skin free from oils for a long time. If you perform this approach daily with your skin, the skin completely gets oil free and you can moisturize it any way you prefer or like.


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