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How To Apply Foundation On Face

How To Apply Foundation On Face


Different Forms of Foundation:-

Foundation comes in many forms like loose powder, compact powder, creams, liquid and aerosols. Personally i like liquid foundation but you can choose any one out of these.

How To Apply Foundation On Face

How To Apply Foundation On Face

Choose Right Shade of Foundation:-

Main thing to remember before applying foundation is to choose right shade of foundation which is compatible with your skin tone. Too many shades of foundation are available in market. To choose the correct one out of them just apply a small amount of foundation on your jawline in daylight and leave it for 2 minutes so that it can disappear without blending. You can use one shade lighter foundation from your natural skin shade.

Choose Right Tool To Apply Foundation:-

Foundation can be applied by using sponges or by using brush or with the help of figures. Using brush will help in avoiding contamination of skin with germs. And figure tips can help in spreading foundation evenly and quickly on your skin but remember to sanitize your hands before applying. Always use flat headed foundation brush to apply foundation evenly.

Ways To Apply A Foundation

1. Cleansing:-

Before applying foundation it is important to clean your hands, face and neck. Wash your face and neck with warm water using a mild soap and then apply good quality chemical free cleanser or any natural home made cleanser like gram flour.

2. Toning:-

Apply toner after cleanser to get pinkish glow on your face or you can use raw milk in place of toner. Products with hard chemicals should be avoided.

3. Moisturizer:-

Wait for 2 minutes and then apply moisturizer and let it on your skin for 5 minutes so that it can be absorbed completely by the skin. Moisturizers containing salicylic acid and retinol are good for acne prone or sensitive skin.

4. Application:-

Squeeze a small amount of foundation on palm of your hand so that its temperature can match to your body temperature. Dip the brush in the product or put some amount of product on your figure   tip to apply on your face. While applying foundation always starts from the middle of your face and works outwards so that foundation concentrates in centre and thinnest along hairline. So firstly, apply foundation in centre of nose and then to other parts. It will help to hide scars or black marks on face and foundation will spread out evenly on face and you will get flawless skin. Then again dip the brush into the product and apply foundation on your clean neck so that its color can match the face.

6. Primer:-

Apply primer after applying foundation. Primer is a transparent material which acts as a shield to protect your make-up. It is optional not mandatory as primer is helpful if you want your foundation to stay for long.

7. Face Powder:-

At last set face powder over foundation to prevent oil build up. Enjoy the clearer skin with no fine lines, no scars, no marks, evenly toned and flawless skin.


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