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How to Apply for an Australian ABN Number

How to Apply for an ABN Number


ABN number or Australian Business Number can be regarded as a specific recognition number issued by the ABR or what we can regard as the Australian Business Registrar who is the commissioner of taxation and is operated on by the ATO or what we can regard as the Australian Taxation Officer. This number is issued in an 11 digit form to identify your business to the Australian government and thus here we have come tips for you to apply for this number.

How to Apply for an Australian ABN Number (4 Steps)

How to Apply for an Australian ABN Number

1. Entitle For ABN Number:-

In order to apply for an ABN number, you will need to entitle for the ABN number. You can be an individual or a cooperative group of people or a group of people who have made a partnership or a type of trust etc. in order to go for the entitlement procedure. It is an rule that the registrar will issue ABN number only to those who complete this step.

2. Rules For Entitlement:-

In order to go for the entitlement procedure, you will first of all need to own a firm in Australia or you must be a company huge or small that is registered with the Australian corporations or making a supply in Australia recognized to its departments as well. You should own an enterprise that is enough for it. If you get registered for the same, you will need to keep your details up to date that will be added to the ABR files.

3. Applying For An ABN Number:-

ABN number is an eleven digits number with the first two digits of it being the checksum and can be applied for free provided you fulfill all the conditions put forward by the registering authorities and You can make an application for it online as well. The first approach that you can follow in order to apply it is to apply it through the ABR portal using RTA authorities or you can even fill up a document based application for the same.

4. Power of The Registrar:-

The ABR can refuse your application anytime when he wants or finds it that you do not own an enterprise or do not come under the requisite regulations that need to be fulfilled. The ABN number can be canceled at any point of time by the Registrar as well. If you wish to get faster results of the registration, you will need to attach all the proofs and details of your enterprise as well as yourself so that you get identified easily and the authorities can verify it. The early it gets verified, the earlier you will get it. You can make up the other business registrations if you get a reference number making a successful application. Though the procedure is not much difficult but still you need to take a great care in order to get the ABN number as soon as possible.


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