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Apple Watch Features, Apple Watch Fitness

Apple Watch Features, Apple Watch Fitness


Apple watch is something great from apple made for fitness and health oriented purposes. The device was developed by the house of apple who is its legal manufacturer and seller. The watch can be connected with apple smart phones to receive or make calls and to perform several other tasks mentioned in the article further. The apple watch is scheduled to begin shipping in April 2015.

Apple Watch Features, Apple Watch Fitness

Apple Watch Features

Operating System And C.P.U:-

The apple watch operates on a watch operating system and a central processing unit of type Apple S1 which was specially manufactured by apple for the apple watch only.

Memory, Connectivity And Storage:-

The apple watch is supposed to come with 256MB memory and a storage capacity of 2 G.B. or 4 G.B. of flash type. The watch will have a Bluetooth and NFC along with Wifi that provide the device to be connected with a local area network or to send and receive files within a home personal area network.


The watch has a sapphire crystal display (APPLE WATCH EDITION) that is strengthened with lion-X glass (APPLE WATCH SPOT). The watch has 2 case sizes of 38mm and 42mm high. The watch operates on a multi-touch retina display and thus is a great touch device.

Voice Output:-

The watch operates on speaker mode and provides the voice output for calls through the speakers. The device is thought to work with apple pay, a mobile payment service that is capable of receiving phones as well as SMS and to act like a WALKIE – TALKIE.

Website And Features:-

The website of apple watch is fitness tracking and health oriented capabilities. The device is compatible with iphone5 and later running ios8.2 compatible. The devices provide all sorts of fitness tracking features and health oriented features to people.

The device is capable to receive phone calls and messages and act like a WALKIE TALKIE for all, thus the user does not have to take the phone out from his or her pocket but can directly call or message his friends with the watch tied over his hand and besides it, he or she can regulate and monitor his or her health and can make the time-table for fitness and health capabilities.


The apple watch is equipped with a battery that charges with the process of inductive charging. The apple watch charges itself with this process with the help of a cable similar to the MAG SAFE cable for Apple’s Macbook family of laptops. The apple watch supports the infrared facility and visible light LED (Light Emitting Diode) and photo diodes etc.

With the breath taking capabilities and mesmerizing functions apple watch is supposed to make a space in the gadget market for itself and provide quality features to the users that expect something great from Apple and trust the brand with just its name.


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