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Apple iPhone : How to Take a Screenshot

Apple iPhone How to Take a Screenshot


iPhone is a smart phone from the Apple Inc Company, which is famous for quality branded products. This fully feature loaded phone can enable you take the pictures of anything displayed on screen if you use the screenshot feature in this mobile.

Suppose you are playing any game or simply chatting on Facebook and all of a sudden you come across something which you wish to save as a picture in your phone, the screenshot feature will give you superpowers to do the same in an easy way. Let us discuss how.

Apple iPhone How to Take a Screenshot

Apple iPhone How to Take a Screenshot

1. Download the Screenshot Capturing Application:-

In order to click screenshots on your iPhone, first of all you will need to download a screenshot capturing application on your iPhone. This application can be easily downloaded from the application market of your device or you can also download it from any of the application stores using your web browser. In some devices, this application also comes pre-installed. Some software also enables you to have a shortcut widget capturing icon for fast capturing of screen images or data.

2. Reach the Place or Application Page Which You Wish to Capture:-

After the application gets downloaded, you will just need to open it once and it will get activated forever. For taking screenshot of any application or a page in your web browser, you will simply need to open that application and you can easily capture it using the application. Suppose you wish to take the screenshot of someone’s good status on Facebook, simply open up the status and adjust the screen in such a way that the full status is displayed on screen.

3. Press the Sleep/Wake Button Along With Home Button:-

After opening up the application or page which you wish to capture as a screenshot, you just have to press the sleep/wake button along with the home button and the screenshot will get clicked. You can see the sign for “screenshot captured” in your phone’s notification bar. You can also make changes to your screenshot application settings in some application to customize it your way.

4. Screenshot Gets Saved In Photo Application:-

When you click sleep/wake button along with the home button, the screenshot gets captured making a clicking sound like that of a camera. The captured screenshot can be easily located in the photo application on your device. You can also look for the captured screenshot in the screenshots folder of your iPhone storage or you can locate it easily in the screenshots category of your mobile phone’s image gallery.

5. The Image Will Be Synced With The Computer When You Sync Both The Devices:-

When you connect your iPhone to your computer using data cable the next time, the captures screenshot images will get sync with both the devices and you will be able to locate the sync files in both, your computer as well as your iPhone. You can also upload these screenshots directly to the cloud storage options available with your device. The captured screenshots can be edited, cropped and all the changes of editing that you perform with a normal photograph can also be performed with a photograph captured by the screenshot application.


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