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How to Annoy Someone Who Hates You

How to Irritate Someone Who Hates You


Some people really hate us and that too because of no reason. Such people deserve no attention, but still it is a great fun irritating such people. After all revenge is in irritating the person who irritates you. An eye for an eye and an irritating temper for an irritating action. Such a person deserves all sorts of irritating moves from our side. If there is someone in your life with the same irritating kind of temperament, you can irritate him following these steps:-

How to Annoy Someone Who Hates You

How to Annoy Someone Who Hates You

1. Laugh at His Face:-

There was a nagging lady living next to our apartment. She used to shoe us away whenever we entered her garden in order to take our ball back when it mistakenly entered her garden sometimes. She had clearly warned us that she hates our face and we should never come back to her garden, but then we started laughing at her face intentionally whenever she used to come out of her house in order to shoe us away. Soon she left this habit as now our laughing faces were irritating her all the time.

2. Making a False Irritating Action:-

A false irritating action means reacting like what you are not. Pretend like there is something wrong with such a person i.e. pretend like mistakenly something has fallen on their clothes and tell them they need to change it. Such a person will get so irritated when he or she will be reaching home back in order to check what was wrong with his/her clothes.

3. Irritate Him by Imitating Him and His Actions:-

You must have heard about the word mimicry. It means imitating someone’s words, actions or his posture/body style. In order to irritate such a person, you can try mimicking him or her by imitating his or her actions whenever you come face to face.

4. Irritate Him by Smiling All the Time:-

A smile in front of someone who hates you is the best irritating action from your side for such a person. Whenever such a person comes in front of you, you should start smiling or singing a sing in a loud voice. Now, as the person hates you, he or she will try to pass some comment or would order you to go away, but you have to stay at the same place with the same actions in order to irritate him or her.

5. Irritate Him by Making Irritating Faces:-

Sometimes, we can even make bad faces in order to irritate someone. Calling such person by a special name or code name can even make him or her feel irritated as well or you can make any special gesture with your hand when such a person arrives as it will really make him feel irritated with your action.

6. React Like You Are Just About To Vomit:-

Reach in front of such a person with water in your mouth and pretend like you are going to vomit all of it in front of him. You can even do this with an empty mouth if you know how to act like you are going to vomit. Such a person will get irritated with this act from your side and there are hundred percent chances that he will leave the place immediately.


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