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How to Annoy a Teacher Without Getting in Trouble

how to annoy a teacher without getting caught


To annoy your teacher means to do everything she hates in order to make him/her slightly angry. The approaches that you bring in use for this purpose should not be too much vulgar or heavy and instead should be tolerable as else the teacher can also struck off your name from the school. In order to annoy your teacher, the approaches that you bring in use should be chosen smarty in such a way that even if your teacher tries to complain, people instead tell her that there is nothing wrong with what you are doing and that you are not liable for a punishment. Here are some tips to do this:-

how to annoy a teacher without getting caught

How to Annoy a Teacher

1. Ask Useless Questions in the Class:-

First of all, you can start asking useless questions in her period. Now, as she is a teacher and as it is her duty to teach you, she will surely have to answer your questions, but as you will be asking questions out of topic and silly kind of questions, she is sure to get annoyed with you. i.e. when the teacher enters the class and you stand up, she will ask you to sit down. You can immediately ask her a question, “Where should we sit down mam”. You can choose any of such questions provided it should not cheap but instead it should be useless.

2. Do This While He/She Takes Attendance:-

When she takes attendance, she is sure to speak one roll number after the other to check the number of students who have arrived in the class. In such a time, just sit down on your bench with a “head down” position and keep speaking “Present mam” with every roll number that she speaks even if the student is not present. When she will count the number of present students and compare it with the number of students sitting in the class, she will surely be annoyed with your act.

3. Throw Paper Balls On Her When She Looks Towards The Board:-

When your teacher is busy writing anything on the blackboard/whiteboard, you can tear off a page from your rough notebook and make some tiny paper balls to throw them on your teacher from backside in such a way that it does not makes her pained and instead she just feels the touch of paper balls.

4. Take the Help of Funny Voices:-

Even if your teacher stops writing on the blackboard/whiteboard and she faces towards the class instead of facing towards the blackboard asking you to write what she speaks in the notebook, you can still annoy her by making funny voices with your mouth while keeping a hand over your face or while sitting in a head down position.

5. Put a Plastic Lizard on Her Table:-

This one is an old but still working approach. Plastic prank toys are available in market, which includes plastic versions of insects like lizards, frogs, scorpion etc. Though these are made up of plastic, but still they give a realistic feel and any one can get fearful after watching these prank toys till you do not tell them that these are made up of plastic. Just bring one such plastic lizard or plastic scorpion and fix it on her table.

6. Make His/her Picture with a Marker/Chalk on Board:-

Come early in the school or wait till it is a free period without adjustment of any teacher in your class. Pick up the chalk/marker and make your teacher’s picture on the blackboard. Do not worry even if it does not look realistic. Just write your teacher’s name on the top and give a nick name downside with a funny tagline. You can also make experiments with her picture making her nose long or making her look like a criminal or by making any other such experiment, which makes her picture look funny.


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