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How to Announce Pregnancy to Your Husband

How to Announce Pregnancy to Your Husband


To become a mother is simply the best gift of God to a mother and most of us who indulge in a relationship with a pure and pious heart wish to become a mother someday. In such a time, a wife will always seek to know the perfect way of telling about it to her husband as we are always careful about our husband’s mentality and his state of mind while telling such news. If you are also likely to become a mother soon, here are some ways in which you can tell about it to your partner:-

How to Announce Pregnancy to Your Husband

How to Announce Pregnancy to Your Husband

1. Make Him Hear with Ears Kept Closer To Your Stomach:-

Ask your husband to bring his ears near your stomach and then ask him to hear the sound coming from inside. When you do the same, He is sure to have a clue that he is going to become a father. If he still stays in a suspicion what you are trying to convey him, you can tell him directly that you have his son inside your womb.

2. Check Out If You Need To Tell Him or not:-

In some cases where the case is of a house where females are likely to be aborted, you should not make haste in telling your husband that you are carrying a baby. It is better if you tell him about it in the advanced stages as the baby is less likely to be aborted in advanced stages of pregnancy.

3. Just Say That There Is a Surprise Waiting For Him:-

If the environment of your house is favorable, just carry a smile on your face and tell your husband that you have a surprise for him. Tell him that his junior buddy is soon going to arrive and he should start making arrangements and savings for his coming son.

4. Keep It a Joy to Celebrate together:-

The birth of your baby is a joy that you both should celebrate together. In some areas there is also a tradition to use spoon and plate to beat the plate with spoon in order to generate the sound when a baby is supposed to arrive. There can be many such traditions depending from area to area and thus you can rely on one such tradition as well.

5. Tell Him When He Gets Romantic:-

There must be come quality moments that you and your husband spend together or when you have enough time to talk with each other. This serves to be the best time when you can tell your husband about the arrival of upcoming baby.  His happiness will get doubled with this news.

6. Just Give Him Enough Clues:-

You can make your husband puzzled enough while telling him that he has become a father. Develop some riddles for him to solve and guess what you are trying to tell him or just expose some part of his stomach and write this news with your finger expressions on it. Ask your husband to recognize the gesture that you make with your fingers and he will be able to get the news once he recognizes what you wrote on his exposed part of the skin with your fingers.


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