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How to Analyze a Political Speech

How to Analyze a Political Speech


A political speech is the one that is given by the politicians in their rallies and political stage campaigns. Often the reporters and other listeners have to analyze this speech to present it in front of others in a better way and if you are related with the profession of media, this might prove to be the need of hour for you as your job can’t be fulfilled without it. In order to analyze a political speech, several approaches need to be taken care of and some of these can be explained as follows:-

How to Analyze a Political Speech

How to Analyze a Political Speech

1. Listen To It Carefully:-

In order to analyze a political speech, you will first of all have to listen to it carefully as a better analyzer has to be a good listener first and thus for this purpose you should just listen carefully and try to remember everything that the orator had spoken so as to derive a meaning out of it.

2. Keep noting Down the Important Points:-

Besides listening to the speaker, you should keep a page in your hand and try to note down the important words spoken by him or her. Write down all what has been spoken by speaker making a key and then using this key in order to have an estimate what meaning can be derived from the speaker’s sentences.

3. Note the Weak Point on Separate Page:-

You should note down the strong points one side and the weak points should be written on the other side. The double meaning sentences should also be considered and sideways you should have a presence of mind to judge what exactly the speaker is trying to mean with the expressions over his face.

4. Try to Find Both the Positive and Negative In Each Statement:-

In order to have a proper analysis of all the statements spoken by a speaker, you should exactly know what positive or negative was included in each of the statement that was spoken by the speaker. This can make you have an effective analysis for the political speech and there would be no one to pose an objection on it as well.

5. Look at the Mistakes and Exaggerations:-

There may be some points where you may feel that the speaker was wrong or he or she has tried to exaggerate the statement. These points should be noted down separately so as to make a better, suitable and advantageous usage of them.

6. Make a Final Analysis of It:-

The final analysis should be made considering simply each and everything included in the statement from the beginning of the speech to the end of it along with the conclusion that it derived and the intentions of speaker that were clear from that line. You should also keep in consideration the previously given speeches of such politician along with the works that he has or has not done and the analysis would itself become a perfect and eye opening one.


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