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Why American Houses Are Made of Wood?

Why American Houses Are Made of Wood


In most of the Americas made films we see that the houses are made of wood rather than being made from cement and concrete. Even if you reach America somehow, you will see that people have built their houses with wood with decks build in front of them for sitting purposes. Some even build the tree houses, but that is not a new thing. The main thing that we would talk about in this article is that why Americans prefer building their houses with wood and the several possible answers to it can be given as follows:-

Why American Houses Are Made of WoodWhy American Houses Are Made of Wood

1. Suffers More Natural Disasters:-

According to a fact, America suffers more disasters than any of the other counterparts and thus it serves to be one of the reasons why houses are made of wood rather than making them from concrete here in America. The houses made of wood prove to be economical as well as a perfect choice to make.

2. Abundance of Raw Materials Because Of the Forests:-

There is an abundance of wood there in America because of the forest cover that it has got. Even the early settlers to this nation got an advantage because of the same fact and thus wood being the most abundant raw material proved to be a dream come true for building cheap houses there in America.

3. Easy to Build and People Can Build Their Houses Themselves with Wood:-

Who does not want to build a house for himself building it with his own hands and not spending any money for the labor. After all, Americans are called gold diggers and thus they prefer to live in houses made of wood as it is available in abundance and they can easily chop the trees off to make their own houses and that too without spending much on them this way.

4. Being A Personal Choice As Well As A Matter Of Affordability:-

It serves to be both a personal choice as well as a matter of affordability for the Americans to build their houses with wood rather than getting them made with concrete as the houses made of wood prove to be a matter of affordability. Most of the people personally choose this option even if they have money to build a concrete made house.

5. They do not sway In an Earthquake:-

The wood made houses have also got several benefits associated with them. Such houses do not get swayed in an earthquake and even if they get destroyed, a reconstruction can be made as even most of these houses have a follow made of concrete which is easy to have wood construction made on it again and again.


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