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American Education System How it Works

How American Education System Works


America is one of the top most powerful countries of the world. Students from all over the world prefer getting educated in a country like America. The American education system follows a special code of conduct for their functioning and this is why this education system is one of the best education system in the world. Americans are gold diggers and their education system is brilliance digger. Though there are many variations in this education system which makes it confusing for most of us, but still American education system is worth a student can get. Let us discuss the working of this education system today.

American Education System How it Works

American Education System How it Works

1. No Country-Level Education System:-

The government in U.S is a federal kind of government and thus there is no country level education system at all. Actually, each of the respective states has their own department of education which is responsible for setting all the guidelines for schooling and education.

2. Funding received by the state:

There are fifty states in U.S and as I told you earlier that there is a federal government in this nation, the schooling authorities of these states never receive any kind of funding at national level but instead the funding is also received at the state level.

3. Funding particularly from the taxes as well:-

The funding that these educational institutions receive is also partially dependent on the taxes given to public colleges, schools and universities in the form of funding and thus they directly or indirectly depend on the funding only from the respective state in which they are located.

4. No tuition fees till 12th:-

The students from 1st to 12th class do not pay any tuition fees, but when they get admitted to college or universities, they have to pay it either by taking a loan or by financing them through any part time job or any other kind of self-financing source.

5. The control lies here:-

Talking about the controlling in charge of most of the American schools, it is in the hands of local school district in charge. There is a school board destined to take decisions and responsibilities of each school and these are elected by the people of same area only.

6. Division of schools:

The schools are further sub-divided into high schools, middle schools, elementary schools etc. and each kind of school includes students of a separate age group. In elementary school, the students from K.G to 5th study while in middle school comes the students from sixth to eighth class. In high school, students from ninth to twelfth class study and then they are permitted to join respective degree colleges and universities.

7. Courses Offered To Students:-

The students in elementary school and middle school generally study the same general subjects, but when they enter the high school, they are offered with a variety of courses like English, Mathematics, Science, social science etc. In any of the respective schools, admissions can be taken only after entering a specific age group and there is always a special board of members taking decisions for the welfare of each school.


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