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What Makes America The Best Country In The World?

What Makes America The Best Country In The World?


America is a name enough for all people to prefer living in. People die in order to get the citizenship of this country and often people choose it as a working and holiday destination as well, but what is the reason that America looks so appealing for people from all parts of the world? Well America has got diverse kind of qualities in it that make it a hub of attractions for people from all over the world and thus people take it as the best country in world. Some of the things that make it the best place to live in can be depicted as follows:-

What Makes America The Best Country In The World?

What Makes America The Best Country

1. The presence of Hollywood:-

The first and foremost thing that serves to be an attraction with America is that it has got Hollywood situated in it. Even the Bollywood stars keep on longing to work in Hollywood and thus with Hollywood situated in it, America serves to be an attraction that is one of its kind.

2. Americans Are Called Gold Diggers:-

Once I was talking with a foreigner woman living in America and I suddenly asked her why she likes to live there. She simply said,” Don’t you know Americans are called gold diggers? This is the place that offers you the highest level of salary in the world” and perhaps this sentence of her was true in real senses that serves to make America the greatest country in the world.

3. A Land Of Opportunities:-

America serves to be the land of opportunities. Many graduates from several parts of the world reach this destination after getting hired and choose to work in this country as the salary offered here is in dollars which are as high as gold in value.

4. The Highest of Currency:-

As I have told you earlier that Dollar is the currency here which is as precious as gold. The rate of dollar may keep on increasing or decreasing, but for most of the countries like Nepal or India or Pakistan etc. this currency serves to be a jackpot as reaching America; they earn in dollars and then send the cash to their families converting it to rupees which become quite a big amount after conversion.

5. The High Rate of Education:-

The rate of education In America is really high. The services of medication are also nice and being a fastly running developed nation, it has got the ability to cope up with any hazard in time that serves to make it the greatest country in the world.

6. Perhaps a Better Standard Of Living:-

The standard of living is also better in America. There are also various tourist spots that you can visit and even there is a kind of uniqueness that everybody feels when reaching this place. Being a land of opportunities, even for the famous celebrities of various nations, America is a nation that is one of its kind and thus it is the greatest in the world.


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