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How Does Aids Spread From Women To Men

How Does Aids Spread From Women To Men


AIDS or Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome spreads from the virus of HIV. If you are found HIV positive during a blood test, it means that you have been infected with the HIV virus and though you may appear to be healthy from outside, the virus inside would be making your immunity decreased day by day. The virus of AIDS is believed to spread the most through direct contact and it may even reach from women to men or from men to women. Here we are explaining how it spreads from female to a male.

How Does Aids Spread From Women To Men

How Does Aids Spread From Women To Men

1. Through Physical Contact:-

The first way in which aids can spread from women to men is if they make physical contact together, during your sexual practices, some blood is always likely to get generated and when the blood of female gets mixed with the male blood, AIDS virus gets spread.

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2. Deep Smooches:-

If you have a habit of making deep smooches while you are along with your partner, this might also make you prone to the AIDS virus as during this kind of smooching or kissing, the saliva is exchanged by both the partners and the oral ways act as a medium of spread of the virus for both the sexes this way.

3. Even through Protected Sex sometimes:-

Even sometimes if you go for the protected sex, this might also make you fall a prey to AIDS. Suppose your partner had used a blade to shave her private part and the same blade had been bought in use by you as well, the blade would act as a medium of transfer of the disease to you. In case the protection was tempered, this might also bring this disease to you.

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4. If Her Blood Gets Mixed With Yours:-

The main fact behind the spread of AIDS virus is that when your blood gets mixed up with someone else or you make a direct physical or oral contact, the virus will reach the other side and the partner will also get infected. Simply take every care in such cases and you can stay away from the risk of this disease.

5. In Case You Have Used a Sex Toy:-

The problem with some partners is that they have the habit of making use of the sex toys. Or even if you are of the opposite sexes being a woman and men, the sex toy used for the women if bought in contact with the men can transfer the disease from her to him.

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6. In Case She Has Remained In Affairs with Other Men:-

In case your women have the habit of getting indulged in affairs with other men, this might make you fall a prey to AIDS, even if she is sure not to have it as you never know when she makes contact with a victim of the same disease. In case someone amongst you has the habit of taking drugs with injection, using the same syringe for both the partners may also prove to be the carrier of the disease.


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