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Why there Should be Age Difference in Marriage

why there should be age difference in marriage


There is a tradition/custom in much of the countries that a woman prefers marrying an older man and a man prefers marrying a younger woman. Rather in countries like India, there are majority of cases following the same age limit. Though there are some exceptions as well, but still the choice of age difference is still prevailing in the society. There are many genetic and fact based reasons which can be given as an answer to this question, some of which are as follows:-

why there should be age difference in marriage

Why there Should be Age Difference in Marriage

1. To Maximize the Chance of an Off-Spring That Survives:-

It has been scientifically proven that there are less chances of suffering a miscarriage if there is an age difference between you and your partner. If the boy is older in age than the girl, there are maximum chances that the offsprings will survive and that they won’t die.

2. The Factors like Charm and Beauty:-

The factors like charm and beauty play a key role in this as well. Actually, a man is charmed more by a younger woman and a woman is charmed more by an older man. The factors like money and physical power also add to this reason as well.

3. Health And Responsibility:-

There is also a temperament of some parents that they take a boy as one who will bring forward their family name but they take a girl as a burden on their shoulders. They thus wish to get their daughters married as early as possible, but this is just an exceptional case. When you are older than your wife in age, it means you have an experience. An experience to know how to fulfill responsibilities on your shoulders in a better way. It takes time to get settled and thus boys are often older in age than a girl.

4. Wealth Is Also a Prominent Factor:-

Wealth of a boy is also a prominent factor that decides all this. In countries like India, there are a large number of women who are supposed to live as a house wife. Even if they are allowed to work after marriage, still to have a working hand as a husband is a better option. In order to ensure a better life for one’s daughter, it is advised to find a son in law who earns. It takes time to settle and find a job and thus boys are mostly older than girls in age while getting married.

5. The Factor of Trust and Domination:-

The factors like trust and domination also play a key role in this. We talked to a few married women and all of them agreed upon the fact that a guy with age more than a girl is able to dominate her in a better way. Now, as being an elder guy means you would also be settled and earning, the sense of trust will also get easily developed amongst you both.

6. The Factors like Maturity:-

A guy is better when he is mature. An immature boy can spoil a girl’s life. It has been seen time and again that girls get matured and sensible at a very early stage of age while boys get mature very much late. A girl has to leave her parents house in most of cases after marriage and thus it is always better to consider the age difference in marriage.


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