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Where do African Wild Dogs Live in Africa

Where Do African Wild Dogs Live


Africa is a land of vivid biodiversity with animals left more than anywhere else in the world, but the African wild dogs are still found to be endangered with a population of just 6600 remaining all over the wild. These have been endangered for more than 20 years and live in an areas varying from dense forests to the open plains. These generally have a habit of catching their prey and then eating it and thus have a varied range of living habitat. The places where you can find an African wild dog can be illustrated as follows:-

Where Do African Wild Dogs Live

Where Do African Wild Dogs Live

1. Mostly Around the Savannah and Arid Zones:-

The main area for African wild dogs to be found is the savannah and arid zones. The woodland and mountainous areas serve to be the perfect destination of them as there is a lot of food available for them out there in the form of their prey that they can hunt upon and often they can be seen in such areas for feeding themselves hunting for some local animal or bird.

2. On the Verge of Losing Their Space of Living:-

The African wild dogs are on the verge of their extinction with their space and livelihood essentials being lost in a rapid way. There are countless cases reported with wild dogs being hunted by local people and even with the trees being cut in a so rapid speed in order to fulfill the needs of growing population, the African wild dogs are getting endangered because of this fact as well.

3. The Place Where There Is Plenty of Food:-

With so rapid deforestation from human side, you can’t be sure exactly where you would find these creatures and you can just make assumptions with the place where they are mostly seen residing in. The wild dogs are seen where there is a plenty of food for them and obviously where they can catch their prey easily.

4. Often They Even Choose To Invade The Agricultural Lands As Well:-

The local people even say that they have seen African wild dogs invading their farms sometimes in order to get some prey hunted for themselves and thus there is a constant threat of agricultural hazards because of these dogs and thus they have to keep guns with themselves in order to hunt the wild dogs when they become hazardous for their agricultural crops.

5. The Dense Forests Serve To Be The Perfect Hideout For The African Wild Dogs:-

The dense forests have been found to serve as the perfect hideout of these wild dogs and thus most of the times these wild dogs prefer to stay in the dense forests where there is a plenty of food as well as other raw materials needed for their survival being a perfect place to hide in from enemies.


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