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How Do Aeroplanes Stay in the Sky

How Do Aeroplanes Stay in the sky


The discovery that we could make a flight in the air made human reach new heights with various kinds of planes invented for the purpose of making aviation based flights. Many people had sacrificed their entire life for these experiments and the first person who said that we can make flight was even thought to be perfectly mad. We see today that the airplanes get able to make high and safe flights but what is this flight a result of? In order to know how an airplane makes its flight, let us have a look at the various aspects involved in this process.

How Do Aeroplanes Stay in the sky

How Do Aeroplanes Stay in the Sky

1. The Design of a Plane’s Engine:-

If we talk about a plane’s engine, the engine of a plane is designed in such a way that it makes the plane move forward with great speed. This makes the air flow rapidly over the wings of the plane and thus it makes the air be thrown downwards the ground. There is a kind of upward force generated and that balances the plane’s weight and holds it in the sky. This makes the plane get able to stay in the air for a long time.

2. How This Idea Stroke The Human Mind:-

Actually, earlier when there used to be no airplanes, human used to stay puzzled about the fact how birds are able to make flights and watching these birds making flights, it came to one’s mind that perhaps there must be a kind of balancing force in the air that makes the wings of a bird be balanced in the sky and makes it move forward which gave rise to the idea of making of the airplanes.

3. The Balancing Forces in the Sky:-

There are four forces that help anything be balanced in the sky and these forces include the lift, which pushes the object upwards; the weight of the object which means the lighter the object, the longer it is able to stay in the sky; the thirst which will act as a force that will move the airplane forward and the drag which slows any object being basically a force of wind that can prevent anything from getting ahead. All these forces are experienced by an airplane in its flight and when a balance of all these forces occurs at a perfect time with a perfect body design and weight, the plane gets able to move and make a successful flight.

4. What the Concepts of Physics Say about It:-

According to the concepts of physics, the fuel injected into the fuel tank actually starts up the airplane engine and then when the engine starts functioning, the pilot is able to start a plane. When after reaching the desired speed, the proper balance of the mentioned forces is achieved, the plane gets able to make a flight. In this condition the air flows rapidly over the wings of the plane and thus it makes the air be thrown downwards the ground, which balances the plane and thus the flight is made.


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