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How to Add Signature in Outlook 2010

How to Add Signature in Outlook 2010


Outlook 2010 from Microsoft is a breathtaking application that is a must for every device where you can create personalized signatures for your email messages that include text, images, your electronic business card, a logo, or even an image of your handwritten signature. This signature when goes along with your E-Mail sent to the other side gives forward a professional impression and thus people may choose to go for the ways that can enable them to get signature for their E-Mail using this mode for doing that. In order to add signature in outlook 2010, you may choose to go for the following ways:-

How to Add Signature in Outlook 2010

How to Add Signature in Outlook 2010

1. You Get An Option To Add It Manually Or For All:-

There are two options available to add signature in outlook 2010. You can either choose to add it customized way or you can even add it manually as well. In case you wish to add a signature in outlook, you may choose to go for any option amongst the both.

2. Simply create it and then add it To the Message being sent:-

In order to add a signature, simply open a new message and on the new message tab, simply click signature in the include group and then click signatures. On the E-mail signature tab, simply click the new option and then type a name for signature and then click the Ok button. The signature might be your pet name, the initial letters of your name or even some other short name that you use in order to designate yourself.

3. Editing Your Signature:-

The signature can be edited in order to make changes with the signature. Simply make a click on the edit signature box and then type the text that you wish to add to your signature and then do any type of changes that you wish with it including it’s formatting, style and to add elements besides the text, add any of the elements of your choice and make any of the desired changes.

4. Things to Add in Your Signature:-

A better signature has got all the sort of creativity applied to it. You may add an animated work of picture in it or you may keep it simple. You may even add an electronic business card suiting your business, profession to it or you may even add a hyperlink to it or even a link of some file to be shared with each recipient like some YouTube video or your business website.

5. Click the Ok Button and Try Sending the Mail:-

After you have added the desired file and made the desired formatting with the signature, it would be added as your signature that would be sent to simply everyone along with the mails that you send. In order to check if the signature has been set in a proper way or not, you may choose to try sending a sample mail to some address of your knowledge and check how the mail would look when you send it with your signature added. Simply make it, add it, send it and experiment with it. The outlook signatures are best when you keep on experimenting with them.


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