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How Acupuncture Works For Infertility

How Acupuncture Works For Infertility


Acupuncture is a therapy in which needle is bought in use to puncture a person’s skin. It serves to be one of the key components of Chinese medicine system that includes the therapist to insert needles at particular acupuncture points in the body. Infertility on the other hand, refers to a stage of any female when she is unable to reproduce by natural means. In humans, infertility may refer to a stage when a woman is not able to conceive and is also not able to become pregnant. During this stage, acupuncture can prove to be a boon for her as most of the people take acupuncture as best treatment option in such cases. Here is all how this technique can help women against infertility:-

How Acupuncture Works For Infertility

How Acupuncture Works For Infertility

1. Increases the rate of conception:-

Acupuncture increases the rate of conception and it act as one of the key treatment options in western areas for treatment of infertility. Acupuncture is supposed to bring about a significant Increase in rate of conception and this rate is ¼ times more than your normal chances to become fertile in such cases.

2. Reduces stress and increases flow of blood:-

Acupuncture helps in reducing the stress those women’s experiences in this stage. There is a hormone called cortizol which is released in brain when we follow the approach of acupuncture and this is supposed to alter the body’s neurochemical balance to reproductive organs. This brings about a balance in the endocrine system as well.

3. Helps To Keep Normal Flow of Energy Unblocked:-

According to a report based on infertility and its treatment with acupuncture technique, it was published that the approach of acupuncture can help to enhance the normal flow of energy in a women which gets blocked because of certain factors and once this normal flow gets unblocked, she is able to get fertile once again.

4. Also Aids Morning Sickness, Aches and Pains:-

A woman experiences morning sickness along with the other signs like vomiting, aches and pains during such a stage and acupuncture can help one prevent all such factors. In acupuncture, small and thin needles are bought in use to pinch the pressure points and once this is done with women, she feels relieved against such symptoms as well.

5. Treats Ovulation Disorder and Aids Hormonal Imbalance:-

Hormonal imbalance is a factor which can be held responsible as a main culprit behind infertility. When a woman has low level of estrogen in her body, she becomes infertile and this is the same in case of menopause as well. Acupuncture treats this imbalance of hormones in a woman’s body and proves helpful in the treatment of other such disorders like ovulation disorder which in turn helps a woman to become fertile.

6. No Side Effects:-

Acupuncture never makes you experience any kind of side effects and it has been bought into use since centuries for treatment of similar disorders and problem of pains felt by an individual. In order to relieve oneself against such side effects, acupuncture thus proves to be the best option.


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