How Do Both Acids and Bases React with Metals (5 Steps)

How Do Both Acids and Bases React with Metals

how do both acids and bases react with metals


Generally, there are two kinds of changes, one being the physical change in which no new thing is formed while the other one being a chemical change in which a new product gets formed. These changes can also be categorized on the basis of salt gets formed or not or if it is that the heat gets evolved or not. While talking about the acids or bases, the products that get formed can be illustrated in following ways if we look by the ways of chemistry.

how do both acids and bases react with metals

How Do Both Acids and Bases React with Metals

1. When Acid Mixes Up With a Metal:-

Generally, when you combine an acid with a metal, salt gets formed and hydrogen gas gets released. or you may say Metal + Acid – Metal Salt + H2 Suppose you add Sodium metal to hydrochloric acid, the Sodium salt will get formed along with the hydrogen gas that will be released out in the atmosphere.

2. When Acid Gets Mixed Up With A Base:-

When the acids get mixed up with a base, the reaction is named as neutralization reaction which means the acid and base will both neutralize each other’s effect and salt and water will be formed as a result. Acid + Base – Salt + Water suppose we add NaOH to hydrochloric acid, the sodium salt gets formed along with water, which is the best example of neutralization reaction.

3. When a Base Is Mixed Up With a Metal:-

When a base, get mixed up with a metal, the same happens as what happened in the case of an acid. The metal salt will be formed again and hydrogen gas will be released.
Base + Metal – Salt of the Metal + Hydrogen

4. When Metals Get Mixed Up With Metals Or Some Other Element:-

When metals get mixed up with metals or some other element, an alloy gets formed. For example, steel is an example of alloy made with chromium, nickel, iron, etc. These are often used for various purposes, i.e. for making wires, for making utensils or for various other productive measures as well.

5. Can Acid Conduct Electricity:-

An acid is basically composed of H+ ions and when we construct a setup with electrodes set up to pass electricity through an acidic solution, we see that it conducts electricity as a release of the same ions takes place while if we choose something else like glucose or alcohol, the H+ ions are not released and hence it gets unable to conduct electricity.

The bases are composed of OHions on the other hand, if we go by the concepts of Chemistry. There are various other kinds of reactions like displacement or decomposition reaction, etc. that you can study in details in order to have a better knowledge about chemical reactions taking place.