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Acid Rain Effects on Health of Humans

Acid Rain Effects on Humans


Acid Rain can be understood as a rain that is rich in acidic content. The pH of this rain is low and thus this rain proves to be harmful for aquatic life as well as the soil making it get reduced in fertility. Acid rains can have a negative effect on the buildings, making them corrode and have a negative effect on Humans as well. The negative impacts on humans of this rain make parents prevent their children from going out in the rains and some of those negative impacts can be listed as follows:-

Acid Rain Effects on Health of Humans (6 Steps) - HowFlux

Acid Rain Effects on Health of Humans

1. Make You Fall A Prey To The Poisonous Gases:-

The poisonous gases like Sulphur dioxide(So2) and nitrogen oxide (NO2) etc. that generate sulfates and nitrates can really act poisonous for humans as these pollutants go deep to an individual’s lungs and cause illness that include heart as well as lung disorders.

2. Make Your Lungs Meet Inflammation:-

Not just the heart and lung related disorders, but these rains can make the situation worse by causing a sort of inflammation in the related area and often result in the itching of skin as well. The skin of an individual exposed to acidic rains will sometimes meet inflammation and a burning like sensation as well.

3. Meet the Risk of pH Downfall:-

These rains are rich in acidic content and thus have a low pH value. When the people get exposed to this rain, the skin even meets a fall in pH value and thus the person meets various effects that result in making him sick.

4. Make You Suffer Diseases Like Asthma:-

Asthma can be understood as a disease in which there is a difficulty in breathing associated with a person and thus a person has to suffer the breathing related problems for which the person always has to keep an inhaler with him so as to combat the breathing related problems and this disease has been found to be the most acute in the cases of people who are exposed to acidic rains.

5. Emphysema:-

Is one of the disease that can make you suffer from the obstruction of the lungs. The flow of air in the lungs gets disturbed in this health problem and thus the person’s ability to exchange oxygen as well as CO2 in and out of the lungs gets affected badly. The alveoli gets broken and the air gets trapped in it. This problem has been found to be common with the people with much exposure to these acidic rains and thus acidic rains are dangerous for humans.

6. Water Contamination Crisis:-

The water gets contaminated after coming in contact with the acidic pollutants and if someone tries to drink this water, the contaminated water can make him fall prey to many additional health disorders and can make his immunity get lost as a side effect as well.


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