How to Achieve Ombre Hair Color at Home

How to Ombre Hair At Home


Ombre is a French word that means “Shadow”. This hair style is followed by many of the current day celebrities and in it the hair are kept somewhat darker near the roots and made lighter towards the ends. It is generally made to make one look presentable and is much more than just making your hair dye. To ombre your hair, you need to follow just some simple steps that if followed can make you go for it staying at home and these are as follows:-

How to Achieve Ombre Hair Color at Home

How to Achieve Ombre Hair Color

1. Don’t Keep Your Hair Washed For Two-Three Days:-

In order to ombre your hair, you need to take care of some tips first and one of the most important amongst these tips is to keep your hair unwashed for two to three days as it will make them a bit greasy and when you will try to ombre them, it would get easier.

2. Get Clad In Something That Does Not Mean A Lot:-

Drape a towel on your shoulders after getting clothed in some dress that does not mean a lot to you or is tempered or old. We are advising this to you as while you are going through the process, it may spoil the clothes that you are wearing and thus you should get clad in something that you don’t care about.

3. Brush Your Hair and Cut Foils With Different Lengths:-

Now after this approach, you are simply required to brush your hair out and then cut foils of different lengths. This will make the hair get shaped up and the desired change that you wish your hair to have occurred with would take place.

4. Divide Your Hair in Four Sections and Begin with it:-

Simply divide your hair in sections preferably three to four and then the first section will be the base part starting from your earlobe. Leave an inch section outwards and the middle section would start from mid of ear. The upper section would have everything except the bangs and the fourth section being reserved for bangs would be either short or long depending on your choice. You would have to die it out making it dark near the roots and dividing hair into sections, they would be twisted as well as clipped up to have perfect kind of finishing touch up.

5. Get The Bleach Mixed And Go For The Application of It:-

Now after you have finished off this procedure, simply mix up some bleach and then go for the application of it over each of the divided sections and it would give you the perfect ombre hair with a perfect shadow like feel darker near the roots and lighter towards the ends.


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