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How to do Abstract Painting Techniques

how to do abstract painting techniques


An abstract painting is a painting that may appear to be an easy job to the most of us, but proves to be a kind of mammoth job when we try to go for it on individual basis. It is basically a traditional and classical form of art that can’t be made as easy as it appears and is a work of expressions more than a work of thoughts. Simply decide a style and then begin in total solitude, making the abstract form of arts. In order to do abstract painting, some tips need to be followed that we are mentioning here.

how to do abstract painting techniques

How to do Abstract Painting Techniques

1. Set up the canvas board and paper:-

In order to do abstract painting, the first need is to have a canvas board be positioned at a perfect place, preferably near a window or in your separate arts and crafts room. Simply position the board and then fix the drawing canvas sheet over it with the help of thumb pins.

2. Give the sheet a base shade:-

After the canvas board gets positioned along with the canvas sheet fixed over it. Simply be ready for a quick and dry primer over the sheet that would act as a base coat for your abstract form of art. Simply give it a dry and quick primer with a light touch of color based on your preference.

3. Choose amongst the available colors:-

You may choose any type of colors for the abstract type of paintings. It may be the acrylic paints or the oil paints or even the water colors. Make a better choice choosing for the better option of colors depending on the idea that is in your mind for designing this abstract form of work that you are planning to make.

4. Make Choice of Right Brushes:-

Not just the quality and type of paints that you choose does matters but even the choice of brushes that you make also matters a lot in order to make an abstract form of art. Simply have the right kind of brushes be chosen with the small and thin kind of brushes for the detailing while the thick brushes for the purpose of base coat or coloring. The thickness depends not on the body, but the amount of brush hairs.

5. Get Creative Having Look at Other Forms of Abstract Forms of Art:-

Creativity is contagious. It keeps on increasing as more as you try. Simply have a look at the works that other abstract painters have made and your mind would get filled with countless ideas that you can bring in use so as to make your abstract form of art look even better than the ones that you came across. Simply keep on getting creative with every form of art that you come across and you would get sorted.

6. Keep the Erasing Stuff or a Spare Cloth Nearby:-

Keep a spare old and clean cloth nearby so as to wipe off if any, color stains the surroundings, especially in case of acrylic or enamel paints as well as water colors. Simply maintain neatness and cleanliness while the whole approach and your work of art will get even better than you had expected.


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