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Abscess Tooth Home Remedy Treatment

Abscess Tooth Home Remedy


Sometimes in life, we experience a sort of infection related to the gums and this infection is referred to as the abscess tooth. This condition takes place along with the development of puss that takes place in the affected area and this happens because of the problem of bacteria that multiplies itself after entering the mouth. This might even relate with an infection in the bones and if not treated in time, this might even result in life endangering symptoms. Here we are providing some home remedies so as to help you get treated with the abscess tooth.

Abscess Tooth Home Remedy Treatment (6 Steps)

Abscess Tooth Home Remedy Treatment

1. Make use of Antibiotic pills:-

The tooth infection can be very well treated making use of antibiotics as these are the pills that prevent the growth of harmful bacteria that causes us this problem. Taking antibiotic pills, we are not only just preventing the growth of those harmful bacteria in the body, but also preventing the gum problem from getting too much intense.

2. Add Garlic juice to your diet:-

Garlic, which has got a usage in multiple kitchen based dishes can also be bought in use so as to cure an individual against the problem if abscess tooth in a way that the garlic juice has been found to be equipped with antibacterial properties in it. Simply take 2-3 cloves of garlic and chew them so as to enhance tooth and oral health. Garlic is rather cheaply available and can be easily added to any one’s diet.

 3. Peppermint Oil as a home treatment:-

Peppermint has been found to keep your gums free from the problem of bacterial multiplication. This oil is rich in antibacterial properties and will help you against the sensitivity of gums as well. Apply 2-3 drops of this oil daily on the affected area so as to get relieved in an easy way.

4. Apple Cider Vinegar against the problem of sensitivity:-

You may also choose to go for making a portion of apple cider vinegar diluted with 5 portions of water and then do gargle with it so as to get rid against the problem of abscess tooth. Apple cider vinegar rather is cheaply available in markets and can be easily made at home as well.

5. Tea Bags as a home bacterial treatment:-

Tea bags can also be bought in use so as to get rid of the problem of sensitivity of gums that this bacterium causes and prevents it from multiplying. Tea bags rather relieve you against the added symptoms of it and thus can be really a great choice to make.

6. Dental Treatment Powders to relieve against the symptoms:-

Some sort of abscess tooth treatment powders are also readily available on medical stores these days that can relieve you against the problem if sensitivity of teeth as well as other added problems like multiplication of bacteria. These formulations are rich in antibacterial agents that make them an awesome choice to make so as to get rid of the abscess tooth problem.


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