About Cats : How Do Cats Reproduce

How Do Cats Reproduce


Cats are included in the category of four pawed animals which are preferred to be adopted as pets by most of the households. After dogs, cats are second most preferred category of animals and they are equally dangerous as their wild counterparts like tigers and lions. A mouse is perfect food for a cat and a dog are the worst enemy of it. Kittens are weaned between an age of six to seven months. Cats are prolific breeders and they attain a sexual maturity at very small age. Let us discuss how cats actually reproduce.

About Cats : How Do Cats Reproduce

About Cats : How Do Cats Reproduce

1. A Matured Cat Is Ready For Reproduction:-

The age of puberty in cats arrives when they are about four to twelve months old. In this age, cats are about 3/4th of their mature body weight. Though this age may vary from breed to breed, but still the age stays close to the span that I have mentioned here. Puberty is not a phenomenon that happens only with us humans, but it happens with animals as well. A cat’s age of puberty starts from fifth to sixth month after getting born.

2. The Reproduction Capability of a Cat:-

A female cat can have 2-3 litters every year. The breeding span of a cat is about ten years and in this age, they can produce about more than a century of kittens (About 150). Cats are prolific breeders. Female cats can attain sexual maturity at an age as less as six months. Though males get matured a bit later but still there is not much difference in this cycle as well.

3. Meow Sign as a Mark of being ready:-

When a cat is in heat, she meows as a sign that she is ready to reproduce. Both the female as well as male cat shows special signs as an indication that they have become able to reproduce. They make special marks with their paws in order to represent that and thus the process of breeding commences.

4. Physical Contact between Male and Female Cats:-

When a male cat finds female cat for himself, he bites her at her head as an epitome of his love. The female cat is then dominated by the male cat putting his front paws on either side of her. Using his back legs, finally the male cat is riding the female cat and the sexual contact starts. Ejaculation takes place and the female cat gets fertilized.

5. The Final Birth of kittens:-

When the male cat finally inserts his sex organ inside the female cat, she screams and leaves the place. If she gets fertilized, she gives birth to small kittens in a span of about two months. The same cycle of life starts again with the kittens so reproduced.

6. Both Try To Attract a Mate:-

A cat tries to attract a mate when she gets heated up. The heated up male tries to find a heated up female and the same keeps on getting continued till the cat lives. She has the capability to produce as long as she is alive. The cycle continues again and thus again the cat becomes a mother.


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