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8 Surprising Benefits and Uses of Neem Leaves

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The Neem tree is counted amongst the list of medicinal plants and its usage is effective in various purposes. It can cure your skin diseases, pimples, acne and even proves effective in diseases like chicken pox etc. Neem is ideal for killing body germs and dandruff out of your hair. Neem controls hair fall and treats scalp problems. Neem also kills stomach worms and is the best toothpaste for your teeth. Neem is a perfect boon and it is easily available at all places. Its medicinal effects make it an ideal medicine for many health problems.

8 Surprising Benefits and Uses of Neem Leaves

8 Surprising Benefits and Uses of Neem Leaves

1. Kills Germs on Your Body:-

If you boil some leaves of neem tree daily in water and take a bath with it regularly, all the germs on your body get killed. No disease caused by germs can make you fear its outcome when you bath in neem water.

2. Aids Hair Flakes:-

The problem of flakes seen on hair is quite common with some people these days. If you also suffer this problem, you can easily cure and aid its effect applying the neem leaf juice on your hair. Neem juice won’t just end the flakes on your hair but it will also make your hair healthy.

3. Cures Dandruff:-

Neem also cures the dandruff problem. If you are suffering from dandruff problem, take some neem tree leaves and boil them in water. Use this water while bathing and see the effect yourself. Dandruff will soon go away.

4. Cures Pimples:-

If you are suffering from problem of pimples, take some neem leaf juice daily and apply it on your pimples. Your pimples will soon get faded and they will completely end after some days. A regular application of neem leaf juice can also prevent further development of pimples on your skin.

5. Cures Stomach Worms:-

If you are suffering from the problem of stomach worms, simply pluck some newly born leaves of the neem tree everyday and eat them. Eating neem leaves everyday can really help you end the problem of stomach worms.

6. Best Toothpaste for Teeth:-

Neem is the best toothpaste for your teeth. Make powder of some neem leaves drying them off and then grinding them to get converted in powdered form and then mix some amla juice and babool tree powder along with some mustard oil. Brush your teeth daily with this powder and see the effect yourself. Your teeth will soon start shining like anything and there won’t be any gum problems reported as well.

7. Reduces Hair Problems:-

Neem tree juice is a single solution for all your hair problems. If you wash your hair and scalp daily in neem juice rich water, your scalp will be free from dryness and there won’t be any problem like hair fall reported with you. Your hair will also get strengthened and enriched this way.

8. Perfect Solution for Skin Problems:-

Neem is also a perfect solution for your skin problems. If someone suffers skin problem like eczema or any other similar problem like dryness or itching skin, try applying the neem leaf juice on that part of the skin. You will soon be relieved against all the skin problems affecting you.


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