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8 Health Benefits of Eating Fresh Tomato

Health Benefits of Tomatoes


Tomatoes are the vegetable that is perhaps known to everybody. Seeing it as a fruit or a vegetable, the benefits are not less in fact it is a single vegetable with the properties of all. Tomatoes are packed with nutrients and prove helpful in preventing many diseases including many chronic diseases etc. tomato contains lycopene, fats, fiber, carbohydrates, and vitamins along with the other essentials like choline, folic acid, beta carotene and lutein.

8 Health Benefits of Eating Fresh Tomato

8 Health Benefits of Eating Fresh Tomato

1. Reduces the risk of heart diseases:-

Eating tomatoes maintains low sodium intake and increasing the intake of potassium can be helpful in lowering down the blood pressure and so is the case with tomatoes as they help in reducing the problem of blood pressure in an individual moreover eating tomatoes keeps your heart healthy and keeps your cholesterol low and prevents you from various heart diseases. The fiber, vitamin C, potassium and choline etc found in the tomatoes keep your heart healthier.

2. Lowers down the body weight and risk of obesity:-

Eating tomatoes helps you to reduce your excess weight and keep you fit and fine. The problem of obesity can be tackled by eating tomatoes.

3. Reduces the risk of diabetes, strokes and hyper tension:-

The people who eat tomatoes daily in their diet are less likely to encounter strokes and are less likely to suffer diabetes. The people with the case of hyper tension must eat tomatoes as tomatoes are beneficial in treating and curing from hypertension.

4. Reduces the risk of cancer:-

Tomatoes reduce the formation of free radicals in the body of an individual, free radicals are responsible for causing cancer to anybody and thus tomatoes help in making you immune to cancer. Moreover they contain the certain anti oxidants along with vitamin A and vitamin C that prove to be beneficial for the individual.

5. Improves the skin, hair condition:-

Intake of tomatoes makes your skin healthy as it has adequate anti oxidants in it and keeps your hair even more perfect and strengthened.

6. Beneficial in pregnancy:-

Tomatoes contain adequate amount of folic acid, that proves to e helpful in pregnancy, thus tomatoes are beneficial during the stage of pregnancy also. Folic acid also helps in fighting with depression.

7. Can be eaten raw or cooked or even as a salad:-

Tomatoes are beneficial for you in every way, either cooked or raw, as a juice or even as a salad with food, tomatoes are beneficial for you in every way. Eating tomatoes improves your eye sight and prevents you from having night blindness. Tomatoescontain lycopene that is beneficial in every way. Eating tomatoes improves your blood health, it controls bleeding and controls blood clotting and fulfills your need of vitamins and minerals. Eating tomatoes improves digestion and keeps your digestive system work more efficiently and prevents several other health problems. In short, tomatoes are second name of health and nutrition packed in your refrigerator.

8. Helps to make women immune to breast cancer:-

Women who eat tomatoes regularly are less prone to breast cancer, hence tomatoes should be regularly eaten to avoid breast cancer. Tomatoes have he power to remove toxins from the body.


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