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7 Tips on How to Makeup For MNC Job Interview



These days, there is a big crush and rush in multinational companies as a majority of guys and girls wish to get employed there. The big and huge salary offered along with the other perks offered serve to be the biggest bet for the youth these days and thus they choose to find work in multi-national corps. With increasing competition and thirst for job in such companies, there also arises a need to double check your looks while you are going for an interview in one of such companies. If you also have got an interview appointment awaiting for yourself in some multi-national company, these make-up tips are surely going to be helpful for you:-

7 Tips on How to Makeup For MNC Job Interview

7 Tips on How to Makeup For MNC Job Interview

1. Your Hair Style:-

An M.N.C aspirant should first of all care about her hair. Better keep your hairs simpler than indulging in multiple experiments with them. Keep your hair washed and dried. This job can be accomplished the previous night as styling your hair, the very same day can make you get late for the interview and as first impression is the last impression, this might prove bad for you.

2. A Light Touch of Shades for Make-Up:-

Of course, when you are making yourself ready for an interview, your aim is to look presentable and not seducing. Give yourself a light touch-up of make-up as less makeup is always more make-up when you are going for an interview.

3. You Can Use an Exfoliator or Moisturizer:-

Using an exfoliator or moisturizer is never a bad idea, but keep in mind that your make-up should not be too much heavy. Mascara and a bit of eyeliner is also fine sometimes, but you don’t have to let yourself get turned into emotions as a slight make-up arises an urge for more make-up.

4. Nails should also be clean:-

It never matters if your nails are long or short but an M.N.C aspirant should have them cleaned properly. A white shade of nail polish or a base-coat of white shade is enough. You can also go for a manicure if you wish. This helps you remove the dirt struck beneath the nails.

5. Glamour or not:-

A touch of glamour can help you get a job if the recruiter is male and sometimes even in the case of females. But this can also invite adverse situations for you and thus we advise you to stay gentle, simple and neat.

6. A Neat Dress-Up:-

Besides your make-up, the dress that you are clad in also matters a lot. It should not look like you have come in a fancy dress competition and you can try out office outfit this time. If you wear shoes, they should also be neat and polished.

7. Stay Away From Make-Up Hazards:-

In summers, sometimes when there is an excess of heat, the markup gets flooded with your sweat and starts getting flown out of place with the sweat drops. If you have done make-up, try staying under shade or somewhere under the fan to avoid make-up hazards.


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