7 Tips for Packing Like a Pro

Packing doesn’t have to be stressful or difficult! Here are some simple tips that will make packing easier for you. It doesn’t matter if you travel a lot or are just preparing for a weekend trip; anyone can benefit from these tips and tricks.

1.) Make a Packing List

Create an extensive packing list with every single item you need to pack. This will make the whole process a lot let stressful, and it will make sure that you didn’t forget a small but essential thing. If you’re having a hard time writing your own list, there are a lot of pre-made lists available online.

2.) Roll Your Clothes

Your packing method makes a world of difference! You’ll fit more clothes if you roll them instead of folding, and you’ll avoid creasing. For added space, put your rolled clothes in vacuum compression bags.

3.) Use Packing Cubes

Packing Cubes come in a lot of sizes and shapes. They come in different colors, with labels, and are very affordable. They make packing and organizing your suitcase a lot easier, and when you arrive at your hotel, unpacking will be a lot easier as well. You can transfer your packing cubes directly into the drawers, and you’re done.

4.) Plan ahead

Think about what you’ll be doing on the trip, and choose clothes accordingly. Plan your outfits ahead. Try to use some clothing items in multiple outfits. Don’t pack more than three pairs of shoes, so choose ones that are versatile. If it’s cold, plan on layering instead of packing bulky sweaters.

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5.) Buy Travel-Size Items

A lot of stores offer toiletries in ‘Airplane Approved’ sizes so that you don’t have to worry about regulations. Alternatively, you can take advantage of the complimentary items that will be included in your room. The third option is just buying the things you need at your travel destination.

6.) Bring Extra Bags

Pack some different, empty bags, just in case. Have some totes, plastic bags, ziplock bags etc. You’ll probably end up needing them. They weigh nothing and don’t take much space. You can use them for your wet swimsuit, dirty clothes, souvenirs, or dirty shoes in case one of your cosmetic bags goes missing.

7.) Choose the Right Suitcase

Don’t pick your suitcase based on looks alone! Choose a suitcase that is sturdy, but reasonably lightweight. The best suitcases have compartments and with belts for strapping your clothes tightly.