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7 Helpful Ways to Clean your Bathtub

How to Clean your Bath-Tub


The Bathtub is a ceramic bathroom utensil made for the purpose of dipped bathing. The bathtub is long and spaced to store enough water in it and you can easily dip yourself in it to have a bath. After a continuous bath schedule of weeks or months, there comes a time when a kind of layering happens with it or some hairy substances get stuck in its water outlet and you have to clean your bathtub. In such circumstances you can easily clean your bathtub following the tips that are mentioned here:-

7 Helpful Ways to Clean your Bathtub

7 Helpful Ways to Clean your Bathtub

1. Cleaning With Acetone:-

If there is some paint/nail polish or any other such substance stick to your bath-tub’s surface, simply dip a cotton ball in some acetone and rub your bathtub’s surface with it. This will make the surface start shining like anything.

2. Cleaning the Pipe’s whole:-

Pipehole or the water outlet is a place where the water outlet gauze is fixed. This gauze enables you to eject out the water from your bathtub. You have to clean this pipe hole now and for this purpose you can manage to have a knitting needle or a pin with you. This pin or needle will make you eject everything out of the pipe hole or you can simply hand pick the stuff if it is larger in size.

3. Cleaning the Outer Body:-

For cleaning the outer surface of your bathtub, you can easily manage to have a piece of clean cloth with yourself. First of all, rinse some water or lemon juice over the surface and then rub the bath-tub’s surface with this piece of cloth. A shine will be added to it soon.

4. Vinegar-Clean the Inner Surface:-

You can also manage to clean the inner surface of your bathtub with vinegar. Simply dissolve some vinegar or detergent in water and then use this solution with your bathtub in order to clean it. This will make your bathtub shine like anything.

5. Cleaning the Water-Tap or Shower:-

If there is a water-tap or shower attached with your bathtub, you will surely find a muddy-white kind of layering around it. This layering can be best removed with a piece of cotton dipped in acetone. Simply clean the tap and shower, and this part will also start shining.

6. Cleaning the Soap and Shampoo Space:-

This place is the easiest to clean. There is no dirt at this place but just some soapy deposit left as a residue of your used soaps and shampoos. You can easily clean this soapy residue by simply sprinkling some water over it and then either scratching it or rubbing it with your hands. After the residue gets removed, you can sprinkle some more water to let the soapy water get ejected out of the water outlet.

7. A final touch:-

Now all what’s left is just a final touch. A final touch means cleaning off the smudge that gets deposited over one clean place while cleaning one unclean place. For this purpose you just have to sprinkle some more water over the bath-tub with a spray gun and then you have to pat it dry with a clean cloth. Your bathtub will start shining like anything.


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