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6 Ways to Recover Data from Pen Drive

How to Recover Data from A Pen Drive


Sometimes when we plug-in the pen drive to dedicated USB port, it reads that the data is lost or needs to be recovered. Sometimes the pen drive shows no data even if there are some data in it. Sometimes the space in properties of pen drive is shown filled with files, but it seems to be empty when we open it and a complete sure-shot solution to all these problems is a data recovery operation. A data recovery operation helps you to recover the lost data from your pen drive. In order to recover your pen drive’s data, you can take the help of following steps:-

6 Ways to Recover Data from Pen Drive

6 Ways to Recover Data from Pen Drive

1. Install Data Recovery Wizard Software:-

In order to recover data from a pen drive, you will first of all need data recovery software to be downloaded on your computer system. After downloading this software, you will need to install it and then it can be run on your system to avail the recovery function.

2. Plug in Your Pen Drive and Select the File Type:-

After the software gets installed, you will need to plug-in the pen drive. As soon as you plug-in the pen drive in dedicated USB slot, the computer will detect it and a message will be displayed on your screen asking what you wish to do with the files on your pen drive. Do not click this message, but instead come to my computer option and locate the icon for your pen drive.

3. Click the Scan Button:-

Right click on your pen drive’s name and click the scan button. The scan should be made with the file recovery software that we had installed in step-1. Let the scan get completed and you will be displayed with a list of results carrying the names of files saved on your pen drive.

4. A List of Recoverable Files is shown:-

The list displayed on your screen is actually the list of files which we need to recover. In order to recover these files, you will need to click the recover button which is located just below the list of recoverable files displayed on your screen.

5. Click the Recover Button:-

You can click the recover button whenever you wish to recover these files. When you click the recover button, the recovery process will begin which might take some time to get accomplished. When the files get recovered, a message will be displayed in a separate window on your screen.

6. Some AntiVirus Software can also help regarding the same:-

There is also some anti-virus software which enable you to recover the files lost. When you position a pen drive in the dedicated USB port and the computer tries to recognize it, a message gets displayed in most of the computer with antivirus installed in them. This message asks you if you wish to recover the lost/hidden files. If you click this message, the file recovery process begins. You can thus also look for one such antivirus which enables you to have file recovery and virus scan options both available within single software.


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