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6 Ways to Get Rid of Heartburn Fast Without Medicine

Get Rid of Heartburn Fast Without Medicine


Heartburn can be taken as a phenomenon in which there is a burning like sensation around the areas of your breast or you may say the heart area. The accumulation of acid in that area causes this situation and often this is experienced by the aged people. This proves to be quite irritating and the burning sensation can really make you restless as well. In case you or someone amongst your family members suffers the same, you may choose to go for the easy tips that we are mentioning here for this purpose.

6 Ways to Get Rid of Heartburn Fast Without Medicine

6 Ways to Get Rid of Heartburn Fast Without Medicine

1. Baking Soda or Sodium Bicarbonate:-

Baking soda or Sodium bicarbonate is a base and it can be bought in use to neutralize the acidic content that is causing the heartburn condition to you. This one is a kitchen ingredient, but if you don’t have it present in your kitchen, you may purchase it from some retail store as well.

2. Take Milk of Magnesia:-

Milk of magnesia that people generally take when they experience acidity can also prove to help you a lot in case you have met heartburn. Simply take a volume of it and gulp it up. Now rest for a while and you will see that you have got rid of the heartburn problem after some time.

3. Aloe Vera Juice:-

Aloe Vera is a plant of the cactus type. This plant can be potted in a small space and does not even needs much water to be shed on it as well. Simply bring home an Aloe Vera plant and take the juice from it daily. This juice can really help you against heartburn. You can also switch to the market available readymade Aloe Vera juice if you find the home planted one out of your efforts.

4. Take Bananas:-

Banana is a fruit that is easily available with all the fruit sellers. People relish the taste and it is rather not too much expensive as well. Simply bring home some bananas and eat them to get rid of the heartburn problem. In case bananas are not available, you may also choose to go for apples as well.

5. Have Tea with Ginger root and Cinnamon in it:-

The regular tea that you consume can also help you a lot so as to get rid of heartburn problem. Simply make the simple tea as you make it, but this time add crushed ginger root along with some cinnamon while making it. Consume the tea and see the results yourself. Ginger root can also be consumed directly, or you may even juice it up to drink that and get benefited against the heartburn problem.

6. Quit Smoking And Drinking Habits If You Have Them:-

It has been observed that the people who smoke or drink much often are always at a risk of developing much acids in their body that is the most prominent cause of heartburn condition and thus you are advised to quit all these habits if you are habitual of these habits so as to get rid of the heartburn condition or to avoid it from happening to you.


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