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6 Ways to Backup Whatsapp Messages on Google Drive

How to Backup Whatsapp Messages


After being released in January 2010, Whatsapp became an awesome cross platform instant messaging client for all who wished to connect with their friends and relatives in a safe and a privacy supporting way. Using a very little amount of your internet data, this application enabled you to chat with your friends sending them beautiful messages along with the emojis provided.

6 Ways to Backup Whatsapp Messages on Google Drive

6 Ways to Backup Whatsapp Messages on Google Drive

You can also share any type of video, contact, location, voice, or music file with your friends while chatting on it. When your friends share something with you, it gets saved to your device’s internal storage after getting downloaded but unfortunately if you mistakenly uninstall the application or your messages get deleted accidently, the entire data goes vanished and for saving it from getting deleted, the back-up feature of Whatsapp can be bought in use.

1. Open Whatsapp:-

First of all, you will have to open Whatsapp application. After opening the Whatsapp application you have to switch on the internet and let it get refreshed. When the application gets refreshed, your messages will start arriving if someone has sent them to you.

2. Click the Settings Option from Menu:-

There is a dedicated menu in every whatsapp application. When you open the Whatsapp applications, you will see three menu options, one out of which will be to see your chats, the one on the left side to this option will be the option to watch your call history and the one on right side will be the option to check your contact list. Just above the contacts option, there will be an icon to open another submenu. The first option in this submenu will be to create a new group and the last option in this submenu will be the option for settings. You can also reach the settings option by clicking the button on the left side of your phone’s home button.

3. Click Chats and Calls Option:-

When you click this option of settings, you will see a new submenu displaying options, one out of which will be the option for chat and calls and the other options will be namely the help option, profile option and account option etc. You have to click the option for chats and calls from this submenu.

4. Click Chat Backup Option:-

Clicking chats and call option; you will be displayed with another sub menu option displaying a list of options to choose from. You have to choose chat back-up option from this submenu. Clicking this option, again you will be dropped to another page of submenu. This will display you with two options, one out of which will be the system backup and other will be Google drive backup.

5. The Application Shows You Last Back-Up Made:-

With the normal system backup option, you will display with the last date when your system backup was made for Whatsapp messages. There will be a backup option just below this option clicking which you can easily backup all your messages to the device.

6. Back Up To Google Drive:-

You can also back-up all your messages to the Google Drive. Just below the option of normal backup, you will see an option for backing up Whatsapp messages to the Google drive. If you click this option, you will be asked to specify the time span interval after which you wish Whatsapp to make an automatic backup to the Google drive. Specify this time and Whatsapp will make an auto backup of your messages after the end of specified time.


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