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6 Ways to Amplify Sound on Speakers

How to Amplify Sound


To amplify means to make something more strong and powerful. When we are talking about a sound, to amplify a sound means to make it more powerful by increasing its power. This can be done with the help of an amplifier which makes the signal stronger and better than before. This increases the size, extent and effect of the sound which we want to play and thus an amplified sound is the need for any party. Let us discuss how one can amplify any sound.

6 Ways to Amplify Sound on Speakers

6 Ways to Amplify Sound on Speakers

1. Beat a Drum while recording it:-

The best way to amplify a sound is to beat drum while recording it. You can also merge a sound with the drum & Dhol beats afterwards to make it amplified but this is not professional amplification. Professional amplification means to increase the power of sound. With amplification even a low music is heard loud.

2. Place the Speaker inside a Hollow Vessel:-

This is a perfect way to amplify sound for free. Try playing any music song in your mobile first without any amplification trick. Now place it inside an empty glass. The quality of sound has got improved like this. Actually, a hollow glass amplifies this sound. This is best done with the help of an empty plastic glass.

3. Use an Amplifying Gadget:-

There are speakers available with inbuilt amplifier in them these days in the market. You can also purchase separate amplifiers to be attached along with your speakers to make your music boosted when you play it. Amplifiers even do not cost much out of your pockets and are a cheap source of sound amplification. You get an amplifier attached with most of home theatres these days.

4. Place the Speaker in an Empty Room:-

This is another way to amplify the sound. Place the speakers in an empty room and then play the music. The music will automatically get amplified as it got amplified when you placed it in an empty glass. Actually, this is a natural phenomenon which you can study in the concepts of science.

5. Place Speaker in a Frustum:-

You must have seen a rickshaw puller with mike and a frustum speaker in his hands during election days. Actually frustum is hollow, conical and its area of cross section is larger on the side from where we receive the sound and it is smaller from the side where we speak. This makes the sound get amplified easily. You can also try this trick, making a similar kind of frustum at home placing the speaker at its end with smaller area of cross section in order to amplify the sound.

6. Amplify It with Amplifying Applications:-

There are also various amplification applications available on Google Playstore as well as windows application store which can be downloaded, installed and then bought in use in order to amplify the music on any gadget that you are using. There are also mini speakers and mini amplifiers available these days in the market which once connected to the earphone slot of your mobile can easily make you play songs with an amplified voice.


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