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6 Way to Stop Smoking Weed Really

How to Stop Smoking Weed


Weed smoking can be understood as a drug that you can roll up in a cigarette or brew up it as a tea or mix up with food or by the means of the water pipe so as to counter mental illnesses or as a drug. The controlled usage of it can be regarded as a process of treatment somehow, but when the smoking gets uncontrollable, it is termed as weed smoking dependence. It replaces all your friends, family members, hobbies, etc. and thus takes their place. In order to stop smoking weed, you just need to follow some simple approaches, some of which have been explained here.

6 Way to Stop Smoking Weed Really

6 Way to Stop Smoking Weed Really

1. Throw up the existing dosages:-

First of all, in order to quit smoking weed, you are advised to gather up all the dosages that you had kept hidden for yourself so as to smoke when you feel like you need to smoke weed. After gathering all your dosage, throw it up in the dustbin or dig it up somewhere so that you may not see it any more.

2. Make yourself aware about the effects:-

It is the natural human tendency that the more you are aware about something and its side effects, the more you are able to stay aware of it and thus by knowing more and more about weed smoking and its side effects, you will easily be able to prevent yourself from smoking it again. You can even choose to take inspiration from the sufferer’s stories so as to convince yourself quit smoking weed.

3. Prepare yourself for the withdrawal effects:-

The moment you quit smoking weed, the time is going to make you impatient and you will feel like you need it at any cost. In some cases it has been seen that the weed smoking dependent person will keep on craving for it till he does not gets his daily dose of it and thus you are advised to keep prepared for the withdrawal affects in advance.

4. Utilize your time in something else:-

If you experience the withdrawal symptoms, you are advised to utilize your time in doing something else that is much productive and keeps you busy as well. You can choose to go for developing some hobbies like playing games, watching movies, listening songs and even reading novels or chatting with friends etc.

5. Control your desire:-

Even if you are able to put a control over your wish to smoke weed for some time, still you might meet an urge to smoke it again someday and thus you are advised to put a control over your desires so as to be stick to the fact that you have to stop smoking weed.

6. Love can bring about the desired change:-

If nothing works in your case, you can choose to seek weed smoking related counseling for the patient so as to convince him leave smoking it. Rest the patient should be treated with utmost love as love can change anything. If the patient loves you, he or she will try to leave smoking weed for sure.


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