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6 Tips on How to Buy Property

How to Buy Property


There comes a time in everybody’s life when he seeks to purchase a home or apartment or a flat for himself or for any friend of him and it can really be a hazard for them if they meet a property fraud like the ones prevalent in the property markets these days. In order to buy a property, you need to put an utmost care and thus there comes a need to look for the approaches that can help you do it in a smart way and thus here we have come with some tips for you that will help you buy a piece of property in a better way.

6 Tips on How to Buy Property

6 Tips on How to Buy Property

1. Go To The Property Dealers:-

First of all, I would like to advise you to decide a budget for your property needs and meet the nearest property dealers. Ask them to find some piece of property according to your needs or simply ask them for properties available along with their rates.

2. Get An Enquiry:-

Now when you meet two, three property dealers one by one, you have to note down the rates they tell you and then you can either go to the site yourself or watch out the rates for it in some property brochure or some property dealing website. Choose the rate that best suits you.

3. Enquire The Rates In That Area:-

Now when you know all the rates for which you can get this property, you just need to send somebody you trust to enquire the rates in that area from the inhabitants living there. The property dealers take huge margins in selling and purchasing of land which is probable to be saved using this technique.

4. Seek For A Less Or Bargain:-

As I told you, property dealers make a big margin on every piece of property they sell or purchase. Suppose a person goes to them to sell his property for 1 crore. The property dealers will sell his property taking 2 percent commission from him and 2% from the purchasing party. This means they made 4lakhs on a single deal. This commission can vary from dealer to dealer and thus it is but obvious you should try to bargain.

5. Get The Registry Made:-

While making a purchase, first you have to give some advance with an agreement that you will purchase this property. This sum will be eaten up by the seller if you refuse to purchase the property and if the seller refuses to sell it to you, he will have to give double the amount in return. Remember to get all the documents made genuinely and go by all the govt. procedures for registry as well.

6. Precautions:-

There are many cases of property related frauds these days and thus I will advise you to first check if the documents are genuine or not and then go to make the purchase. You can even take advise from a law related known of yours in order to get an added benefit and remember to check if the land does not come under the government property as there are many cases of frauds related to that as well.


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