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6 Tips For Getting Rid of Double Chin

Getting Rid of Double Chin


Double chin refers to the condition in which the person does not actually have two chins, but the layering of skin over the chin area gives a resemblance that the individual has got dual chin with his face. This spoil the looks and people are often found hiding the skin with some scarf that they drape in such a way that the chin is only half visible saving their picture from getting spoiled. I take this as a normal condition, but still people seek ways to get rid of it and thus we are here with some tips regarding this purpose for you.

6 Tips For Getting Rid of Double Chin

6 Tips For Getting Rid of Double Chin

1. Chew Some Mint Based Gum:-

Chewing a mint based gum may be an awesome idea as when you are chewing a gum; you are actually having some chin based exercise. You need not consult the exercises this way and they get done without actually doing them and thus you are advised to keep some mint chewing gum always with yourself so as to chew them on regular basis.

2. Wheat Germ Oil and Cocoa Butter:-

It has been observed in a study that the cocoa butter process to have an impact on the double chin condition amongst people. In case cocoa butter is not available, you may also choose to go for wheat germ oil as well. Both the things are proven to have equal benefit for you against double chin problem.

3. Egg White Mixed With Peppermint Oil:-

Egg white can really prove to bring favorable benefits to you in case you need to get rid of double chin problem in your case. Simply take the egg white, mix some peppermint oil with it and make usage of this mixture to be applied daily on the associated chin area. Rinse afterwards with water and see the results yourself.

4. Glycerin Mixed Up With Egg White:-

In case peppermint oil is not available, you may choose to have the egg white mixed up with some glycerin, honey and sugar and then make usage of it to be applied on the associated skin area as it has been observed in a study that this mixture can really help you a lot with double chin problem.

5. Have Some Make Up:-

In case you need to go to a party while the treatment is still following and it has not been much time since you started following the approaches mentioned by us, a pair of goggles and a scarf to be draped on your shoulders can prove to be beneficial. Have some facial make up done and you will look presentable. We have mentioned this step as the natural home remedy based process takes some time to show effect and the make up hide out may prevent your images from getting spoiled this way.

6. Meet a Dermatologist:-

In case none of the approaches mentioned by us has proven to show results in your case, you may choose to go for fixing an appointment with some good dermatologist of your area. He will recommend you the approach like surgery or any other such approach and will make you get rid of the double chin condition. In certain cases the herbal and ayurvedic treatment may also show favorable results.


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